CrowdStrike Falcon® Adversary Intelligence
Accelerate response and boost security stack effectiveness

The industry’s first solution that optimizes the effectiveness of the entire security stack through the power of AI and automation.

Adversaries are more sophisticated than ever, and organizations can’t keep up

62 min

average eCrime breakout time, a record low1


increase in cloud intrusions1


of attacks that gained initial access were malware free1

Why choose Falcon Adversary Intelligence?

Optimize the entire security stack through automated intelligence orchestration, contextual enrichment, and AI-native investigative tools.

Streamline your SOC through automation

Falcon Adversary Intelligence cuts response time from days to minutes across the entire security stack with end-to-end automation. Instantly submit potential threats to an advanced sandbox, extract indicators, and deploy countermeasures — all while continuously monitoring for fraud and safeguarding your brand, employees, and sensitive data.

Integrate seamlessly with third-party tools

Access a prebuilt library of incident response playbooks, empowering teams to orchestrate actions and automate defenses. Streamline the process with pre-configured workflows, eliminating the need for complex integrations. Ensure timely and precise deployment of the right defenses, to the right tools, at the right time across the entire security stack.

Expand threat hunting to external sources

Falcon Adversary Intelligence prevents external threats that could compromise identities, steal sensitive data, and destroy your organization’s brand. Disrupt adversaries with 24/7 monitoring and real-time alerts to potentially malicious activity across the open, deep, and dark web.

Falcon Adversary Intelligence by the numbers


reduction in time researching adversaries and emerging threats2


reduction in time spend analyzing malware2


reduction in effort triaging threats2

Falcon Adversary Intelligence
key capabilities

Customer stories

"We have been using CrowdStrike intelligence for few years now, the team here loves it. The quality of data is much better than what we get from other providers. We have integrated it with our SIEM and use reports to make both operational and strategic decisions."

@ Financial Services

"I can provide my board with the latest threat landscape for our business. I can narrow down the threat actors to region and sector, and analyze our defenses against their preferred tactics. We canceled other stand-alone services that were aggregately more expensive and went with CrowdStrike."

@ Metals & Mining

1CrowdStrike 2024 Global Threat Report
2CrowdStrike BVA - CrowdStrike BVA numbers are projected estimates of average benefits based on recorded metrics provided by customers during pre-sale motions that compare the value of CrowdStrike with the customer’s incumbent solution. Actual realized value will depend on individual customer’s module deployment and environment.