CrowdStrike Falcon® Counter Adversary Operations Elite
Stop breaches before they start

Disrupt sophisticated adversaries with the power of industry-leading intelligence and threat hunting

Modern adversaries constantly evolve their motives and tactics
to bypass security measures


increase in interactive intrusions1

62 min.

marks the record-low average eCrime breakout time1


increase in cloud intrusions1

Why choose Falcon Counter Adversary Operations (CAO) Elite?

Stop fighting threats alone and get access to a powerful ally.

Trusted strategic advisor

Your CAO Elite analyst empowers you to accelerate threat response through rapid investigation and attribution, leveraging extensive adversary intelligence to keep you steps ahead.

Proactive and tailored threat hunting

Facing ever-evolving adversaries, your assigned analyst detects new and sophisticated intrusions in real time, using custom hunts developed from industry-leading threat intelligence.

Hunt beyond the perimeter

Your CAO Elite analyst protects your organization’s reputation by hunting beyond your network perimeter. Target threats affecting your brand, identity, data and third-party suppliers with unprecedented visibility into criminal forums.

Counter Adversary Operations Elite
by the numbers


reduction in time researching adversaries and emerging threats2


improvement in security posture2


reduction in effort triaging threats2

Counter Adversary Operations Elite
key capabilities

Tested and proven leader

What our customers say

"CrowdStrike CAO Elite provides the necessary intelligence to inform stakeholders and leadership to make strategic, operational, or tactical decisions and reduce risk to the organization. We are more prepared against threat actors that leverage legitimate tools we see every day."
Financial Services

"Our CAO Elite analyst keeps us up-to-date on current and emerging threat actors, motivations, and the latest techniques being used that represent significant risks to our business. This provides us invaluable information on what it needs to protect against and how to tackle those threats."
Gaming & Entertainment

1. 2024 Global Threat Report
2. CrowdStrike BVA. CrowdStrike BVA numbers are projected estimates of average benefits based on recorded metrics provided by customers during pre-sale motions that compare the value of CrowdStrike with the customer’s incumbent solution. Actual realized value will depend on individual customer’s module deployment and environment.