CrowdStrike Falcon® Search Retention
The world's leading AI-native platform for long-term data retention

Hunt down threats faster than ever with scalable, cost-effective long-term storage for CrowdStrike data.

Get the full picture with Falcon Search Retention


Exceptionally fast performance

Discover threats swiftly with search speeds 150x faster than traditional SIEMs. Leverage rapid search, automated workflows, and AI-driven analyst support to slash incident response time.


Affordable, turnkey storage for compliance

Store petabytes of Falcon platform data effortlessly for months or years, sidestepping legacy SIEM setup challenges. Get 360° visibility across your entire digital estate with Falcon Next-Gen SIEM, seamlessly integrating diverse data sources.


Deep insights fueled by rich data and intelligence

Harness the Falcon platform’s extensive data — spanning 600+ event types — to streamline investigations. Enrich data with world-class threat intelligence, employing regular expressions for intricate queries to uncover advanced threats.

Why Falcon Search Retention

Extend storage and accelerate response
Amplify the power of the AI-native CrowdStrike Falcon® platform. Retain critical endpoint, identity, and cloud data for as long as you need to achieve compliance and stop adversaries.

Turbocharge threat hunting

  • Flexible, blazing-fast search: Uncover threats instantly with a high-speed, index-free architecture. Use a feature-rich query language to scan all events swiftly and easily.
  • Correlated threat intelligence: Integrate real-world threat context from Falcon's intelligence feed. Identify threats and link new attacks to known adversaries.
  • Native security orchestration automation and response (SOAR) capabilities to unearth threats and enrich data: Speed up threat hunting and investigations with 125+ automated workflows. Eradicate threats, freeing your team for higher-order tasks.
Detections dashboard

Accelerate investigations with boundless visibility

  • Real-time and historical data in one place: Get a full view of endpoint, user, and cloud activity for precise threat investigations. Track adversaries' every move and unveil hidden threats.
  • Rich, contextualized data: Simplify threat analysis with comprehensive endpoint telemetry, giving your team quick insights and attribution details for investigation.
  • Predefined and customizable dashboards: Monitor security status in real time and document your security posture with graphical dashboards that display the events that matter most to you.
Falcon Long Term Repository tactics and techniques

Easily scale your SOC for security and compliance

  • Petabyte-scale data storage: Effortlessly analyze and store massive log data for threat analysis and compliance. Falcon Search Retention allows cost-effective scaling of security operations.
  • Affordable, long-term data retention: Extend Falcon platform data storage for months or years with a simple license upgrade. Avoid costly third-party data lakes and legacy SIEMs.
  • The foundation for next-gen SIEM: Maximize security outcomes, break down silos, and consolidate your data in one unified platform. Falcon Next-Gen SIEM breaks down silos, including alerts and high-volume telemetry.
Domain search

Achieve incredible scale, speed, and savings


savings compared to legacy SIEMs


faster search to supercharge investigations and hunting


data collection and storage for unrivaled scale

See Falcon Next-Gen SIEM live

Watch how to detect and investigate a sophisticated adversary and speak with an expert.

See the showcase

See Falcon Next-Gen SIEM live

Watch how to detect and investigate a sophisticated adversary and speak with an expert.

See the showcase