CrowdStrike Falcon® Cloud Security

Protect all cloud workloads in real time

Instantly detect and block threats with AI to secure your cloud architectures.

Unlock superior cloud workload protection

Go beyond traditional defense with CrowdStrike's real-time, AI-powered cloud workload protection.

  • Real-time, comprehensive security

    Advanced, continuous monitoring ensures your cloud environments are defended instantaneously, offering unmatched peace of mind against emerging threats in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

  • Predictive intelligence, proactive defense

    Leverage advanced predictive analytics to preemptively identify and neutralize threats based on behavior, not just configurations. Cut through the clutter, and focus directly on genuine risks.

  • Seamless multi-cloud integration

    Our solution integrates across all major cloud platforms, providing consistent, robust security protocols regardless of environment. Designed for flexibility and scalability, CrowdStrike adapts effortlessly to any enterprise setup, enhancing security without compromising performance.

    Stop cloud breaches

    Real-time coverage across Linux and Windows hosts, containers, Kubernetes, and serverless environments like AWS Fargate.

    Get continuous protection across the entire lifecycle, from initial build to deployment, identifying vulnerabilities at every stage with unmatched precision.

    Prevent zero-day threats in real time with the industry’s most comprehensive set of endpoint and workload telemetry, threat intelligence, and AI-powered analytics.

    Rapid threat detection and response

    Gain unparalleled context into adversaries’ tactics, techniques, and motivations, leading to faster, more effective response.

    Easily investigate incidents when detections are associated with the specific container, rather than grouping them with host events.

    With CrowdStrike® Asset Graph, see a unified view of the entire attack path, from host to cloud. Only CrowdStrike consolidates real-time data that enables organizations to swiftly prioritize risks in their cloud environment.

    Enhance business agility with CI/CD integration

    Boost operational security and expedite production by enforcing predefined image and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) policies.

    Enhance visibility and foster alignment with comprehensive reporting and dashboards, enabling a shared understanding across security operations, DevOps, and infrastructure teams.

    Work seamlessly with Jenkins, Bamboo, GitLab, and more, enabling quicker response and remediation within the DevOps tools you already utilize.

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