CrowdStrike Falcon® Cloud Security

Stop cloud identity threats in their tracks

Secure cloud identities with granular visibility and strict enforcement across all environments.

Streamline cloud entitlements, secure identities

  • A single source of truth for identity security

    Broaden your cloud oversight to establish a unified point of truth for identity security, complete with integrated CIEM monitoring capabilities.

  • Combat identity-based threats 24/7

    Secure cloud identities and permissions, swiftly detect compromised accounts, and guard against hazards such as identity misconfigurations, access key theft, insider threats, and more.

  • Reduce risk and stop intrusions across identities

    Minimize risk and broaden your oversight across all identity infrastructure and halt intrusions in their tracks.

    Cloud access and permissions control

    Gain unmatched visibility and control over cloud resources to quickly identify risks such as disabled MFA or excessive permissions with real-time analytics for superior incident response. Shut down user risks with precise resource-based policies.

    Ensure least privilege in multi-cloud environments

    Mitigate risks with stringent access protocols across cloud domains. Monitor excess permissions, identify suspicious escalations, and conduct thorough reviews of permitted actions for each entity — resource, user, group, or role.

    Comprehensive identity protection

    Implement identity threat detection and response that covers the spectrum — from identity to workload. Detect covert lateral movements and atypical sign-in activities swiftly, and apply access controls tailored to risk levels to thwart adversaries effectively.

    See CrowdStrike CIEM in action

    Discover how our CIEM solution transforms cloud security.

    Forrester names CrowdStrike a “Leader” in The Forrester Wave™: Cloud Workload Security, Q1 2024

    Recognized for our advanced, strategic approach to cloud security with the highest score of all vendors in Strategy.

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