Accelerate AWS Cloud Migrations with the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform

Organizations increasingly migrate to and build on AWS to unlock growth and innovation, shedding the burdens of datacenter operations and hardware management. Cloud-based architectures offer enhanced agility, resilience and scalability, allowing for global deployment of enterprise-scale infrastructure within minutes. Such migrations are strategic executive decisions with significant potential to impact revenue, operational capabilities and organizational culture. However, the journey to the cloud is fraught with challenges, including operational readiness gaps among customers. The transition often presents a steep learning curve for technical teams accustomed to on-premises environments, leading to potential cybersecurity skill gaps. This situation can force organizations to assume elevated risks or delay migrations, impacting opportunities and financial outcomes due to the complexities of cloud security and the evolving threat landscape.

CrowdStrike addresses these challenges by offering a comprehensive cybersecurity solution for the cloud and hybrid environments, empowering customers to focus on achieving strategic business objectives rather than becoming cloud cybersecurity experts. From Day One, CrowdStrike accelerates the secure adoption of cloud technologies, ensuring a swift time-to-value for digital transformation initiatives. Whether providing complete support or enabling organizations to gradually assume more control over cloud security, CrowdStrike facilitates a seamless transition. By integrating advanced security measures and automation into the migration process, organizations can ensure robust security across their cloud resources, enabling real-time threat detection and compliance management. This preemptive approach to cloud security allows organizations to confidently embrace cloud computing, maximizing its benefits while effectively navigating the complexities of the cyber threat landscape.

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