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Falcon Spotlight

Fast, Effective Vulnerability Management

The presence of vulnerabilities in applications and operating systems provides attackers with flaws they can exploit to compromise your systems. That’s why it’s critical that organizations detect and patch vulnerabilities quickly. However, it’s easier said than done — the large number of breaches that begin with the exploitation of a vulnerability proves it.

Falcon Spotlight

Vulnerabilities impact organizations of all sizes, giving rise to four common issues:

1. Vulnerability scans take too long

Scans can take hours before delivering results, which are often obsolete as soon as they arrive.

2. An unmanageable number of vulnerabilities are found

It’s not uncommon for vulnerability management reports to contain thousands of issues needing repair. This makes it nearly impossible to quickly patch all identified vulnerabilities, opening a window of opportunity for potential attackers.

3. Vulnerability scans have blind spots

Corporate assets are becoming increasingly fluid. With remote workers, virtualization and the cloud, assets are not always connected directly to the corporate network — which means assessments based on network scans will miss them.

4. Endpoints are already overloaded

Endpoint-based vulnerability products require yet another agent to install and manage on already overloaded endpoints, and additional infrastructure.

It’s time for a new approach:
Falcon Spotlight™

Falcon Spotlight

Falcon Spotlight, built on the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform, is the industry’s first scan-less, agent-based vulnerability management solution, offering security teams a continuous and real-time assessment of the vulnerability exposure of their endpoints. Native integration in the Falcon platform enables customers to operationalize vulnerability management within a complete endpoint protection framework, resulting in a stronger security posture and unparalleled incident prevention, detection and response.

The benefits of CrowdStrike for Vulnerability Management


Vulnerability management is delivered without bogging down the endpoint or the network with scans. And it deploys quickly, with no complex security infrastructure to manage. Simply install the lightweight Falcon agent and you’re done.


CrowdStrike Falcon works with a single agent on every endpoint, whether that endpoint is physical or virtual, on- or off-premises. You receive unparalleled visibility into vulnerabilities — in real time and historically — across your entire environment.


Low-impact, real-time vulnerability management and mitigation contribute to the comprehensive security of your endpoints, improving your organization’s overall security posture.


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