Falcon for Public Sector FAQ

What does CrowdStrike Falcon do?
Which legacy technologies can CrowdStrike help me replace?
Does CrowdStrike support traditional virtualized environments (e.g., VDI) and cloud (public/private/hybrid) workloads?
Does CrowdStrike offer CIS top 20 benchmark compliance?
How does CrowdStrike Falcon compare to other “next-generation” endpoint protection solutions? What makes Falcon unique?
Can CrowdStrike Falcon scale to protect large environments with 100,000+ endpoints?
Can CrowdStrike Falcon protect workloads that are not connected to the internet/cloud?
Can I use Falcon to replace my current antivirus solution?
Does CrowdStrike Falcon protect against ransomware?
Can CrowdStrike Falcon detect in-memory attacks?
Can I use CrowdStrike Falcon for incident response?
Can I deploy CrowdStrike if I already have a security solution deployed and in use?
Does CrowdStrike integrate with my existing IT workflow solutions?