Beyond the Perimeter 2024 with CrowdStrike, Okta and Zscaler


Cybersecurity Designed for the AI Revolution

Securing critical areas of business in the face of growing attack surfaces and sophisticated threats can be a challenge. Adversaries are operating faster than ever, and traditional cybersecurity measures have limitations that can hold organizations back.

Beyond the Perimeter brings together experts from CrowdStrike, Okta and Zscaler to discuss the pivotal role AI plays in cybersecurity and why best-of-breed integrations provide critical defense for a resilient end-to-end Zero Trust architecture.

Download this on-demand event to learn:

  • The key considerations when building an AI-powered Zero Trust security architecture
  • How best-in-class integrated solutions provide superior security and improve operational efficiencies
  • How to future-proof your security investments as threats evolve in the face of AI

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