Fundamentals of Modernizing Your SOC: Boost Defense with SIEM, SOAR, NDR and EDR


Learn how to transform your security stack from experts at CrowdStrike, Rapid7, ExtraHop and Siemplify

Organizations must transform their security stacks to protect against the latest cyber threats, highlighting the need to meet CrowdStrike’s 1-10-60 challenge — 1 minute to detect a threat, 10 minutes to understand it and 60 minutes to contain it. Meeting that challenge requires interoperable, effective tools that simplify and future-proof your organization’s security stack.

Such tools are now delivered through the CrowdStrike Store. CrowdStrike Partner apps providing SIEM, SOAR and NDR capabilities share an aggregated pool of data, so you can supercharge your security transformation by minimizing complexity, adding interoperability and ensuring full-coverage security.

Join Andy Horwitz, CrowdStrike’s VP of CrowdStrike Store and Technology Alliances, along with our partners Rapid7, ExtraHop and Siemplify for a panel discussion on:

  • Modernizing your security in the face of digital transformations
  • Adopting unified tools and aggregated intel to address all of your use cases
  • Simplifying implementation and efficacy of SIEM, SOAR and NDR with endpoint protection 


  • Andy Horwitz, VP, CrowdStrike Store and Technology Alliances, CrowdStrike
  • Jeffrey Gardener, Detection and Response Practice Advisor, Rapid7
  • Sri Sundaralingam, VP of Security and Cloud Solutions, ExtraHop
  • Meny Har, VP of Product, Siemplify

Featured Speakers

Andy Horwitz

Vice President, CrowdStrike Store and Technology Alliances, CrowdStrike

Andy Horwitz is responsible for implementation and adoption of the CrowdStrike Store for both our partner apps and CrowdStrike modules. A security and storage industry veteran, Andy previously worked at Palo Alto Networks, Barracuda and Seagate, among others. At CrowdStrike, he focuses on building a bridge to CrowdStrike’s future by building out a robust and valuable ecosystem.

Sri Sundaralingam

VP of Security and Cloud Solutions, ExtraHop

Sri Sundaralingam is the VP of Security and Cloud Solutions at ExtraHop with the key focus on educating the market on emerging security threats and the need for Network Detection and Response solution. Sri has led the global product and solution marketing team at ExtraHop past two years. He has been at the forefront of the cybersecurity industry past two decades taking many innovations to market at ExtraHop, Symantec, Shape Security, Endace, and Cisco Systems. Sri has authored a book and several whitepapers on cybersecurity topics in the past two decades to help organizations improve their security posture.

Meny Har

VP of Product, Siemplify

Meny Har leads Siemplify’s product vision, execution and strategy. Prior to Siemplify, he led the SOC Methodology, services and training center for ST InfoSecurity. Previously, He was also a Cyber Solutions Architect for Elbit Systems, as well as a security operations department head in the IDF.

Jeffrey Gardener

Detection and Response Practice Advisor, Rapid7

Jeffrey Gardner is Rapid7's Practice Advisor to the Detection and Response Practice, specializing in incident response, program development, and offensive security. Jeffrey has over 20+ years of experience in information security as an analyst up through CISO in the tech, healthcare, manufacturing, e-commerce, government and military verticals. In addition to holding a library’s worth of C & G certs (CISSP, CISM, CRISC, GDAT, GPEN, GCIH, etc.) he is also a military veteran, avid gamer, comic book nerd, and lover of all "bad" horror movies.


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