Ransomware During Covid-19 [Infographic]

Ransomware During Covid-19 Cover image

The global Covid-19 pandemic has caused a surge in ransomware attacks across various industries worldwide. Ransomware has been a preferred method of attack for cyber criminals for years. Now, organizations are experiencing a uplift in scale and sophistication of these attacks.

A global survey of 2,200 senior IT leaders and security professionals lead by CrowdStrike’s Intelligence services, reveals the United States is among the top five countries most affected by all types of ransomware in 2020. This infographic, derived from data gathered in CrowdStrike’s 2021 Global Threat Report and Global Attitude Survey, illustrates 56 percent of organizations surveyed admitted to experiencing at least one ransomware attack last year.

Data extortion has become the most widely used ransomware technique worldwide. The infographic provides an inside look to the average costs of the ransoms that were paid and which industries where specifically targeted using data extortion tactics.

Download the infographic to explore the data in full.


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