Tabletop Exercise

The CrowdStrike® Tabletop Exercise is discussion-based and provides an incident scenario that has been tailored to your unique environment and operational needs. The Services team facilitates a discussion with your response team that includes the actions that are required, who is responsible for them, who needs to be notified and how to coordinate these multiple moving parts.

The challenge

It is vitally important for an organization to prepare and train
for potential cyber incidents or attacks but there are challenges in doing so.

Tailored to your needs

Any exercise needs to be based on your environment, including the controls in place to prevent and detect attacker activity. A scenario will be developed that is both relevant to the current threat landscape and specific to your high-value assets and the threats targeting them.

Fast and effective

The Tabletop Exercise guides your team through a targeted attack scenario that accurately and effectively mimics the experience of a targeted attack, but takes less time than a real attack and has no negative repercussions for the business or team members.


Realism is the key to effectiveness, so the Tabletop Exercise features a series of injects that simulate real-world inputs. They test your team’s ability to respond to new information as it occurs and probe your investigation, communication and coordination capabilities.

The benefits of a Tabletop Exercise

  • Raise awareness
    A Tabletop Exercise demonstrates the potential impact of a targeted cybersecurity attack and highlights the inefficiencies and weaknesses in your response capabilities.
  • Test decision making
    The Tabletop Exercise helps determine your organization’s ability to make key decisions around communications, business operations, external party involvement and business risk.
  • Improve alignment
    The Tabletop Exercise increases awareness of departmental roles and fosters an understanding of what information is available during an incident. It also shows how long it will take to gather the information and how it can be used.

What CrowdStrike delivers

A CrowdStrike Tabletop Exercise guides you through a targeted attack scenario without incurring the time a real attack takes and with no negative repercussions. You receive the following:

  • Summary report
    A summary report with recommendations on how to improve your processes based on the findings identified during the Tabletop Exercise
  • Prioritized list of takeaways
    A detailed and prioritized list of key takeaways identified during the scenario by both your organization and the CrowdStrike team
  • Educational materials
    A copy of the tabletop scenario deck along with "Adversary 101" material to help further educate internal teams and functions

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Why CrowdStrike?


Leveraging recent incident response (IR) cases and CrowdStrike Intelligence reporting, each scenario is tailored to your organization based on the threats you’re most likely to face.


“That can’t happen here” are the worst words to hear during a Tabletop Exercise. The Services team makes sure to understand your controls and processes so that the scenario is accurate as well as realistic.


The Services team comprises seasoned experts, many with over a decade of experience conducting IR investigations. The team brings unmatched, real-world expertise to every Tabletop Exercise.