This is what it feels like when
adversaries breach your network

  • Scattered Spider

    SCATTERED SPIDER is a sinister eCriminal who conducts targeted social-engineering campaigns against firms specializing in customer relationship management and business-process outsourcing, as well as telecommunications and technology companies. This creepy adversary phishes with his eight long limbs to capture authentication credentials. Don’t get caught in his web. Consider Charlotte your pest control.

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  • Aquatic Panda

    Don’t let the cute name fool you. Hulking, destructive Chinese spy AQUATIC PANDA has been wreaking havoc on regional security since at least 2020, targeting organizations with a dual mission of intelligence collection and industrial espionage. Charlotte’s mission is to put him on the endangered species list for good.

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  • Nemesis Kitten

    NEMESIS KITTEN is an Iran-based adversary that’s been actively targeting businesses since 2020. Strategic, controlled, and precise, NEMESIS KITTEN is known for exploiting external remote services and subsequently deploying network proxy software. Don’t let this chaotic nemesis sink her claws into your organization.

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  • Labyrinth Chollima

    Unleashed by North Korea’s preeminent intelligence service around 2009, LABYRINTH CHOLLIMA is one of the most prolific adversaries tracked by CrowdStrike. Like something out of a nightmare, LABYRINTH CHOLLIMA does it all—industrial espionage, eCrime, IP theft—with one aim: total destruction. Fortunately for us, brawn is no match for brains.

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Do we have vulnerabilities involving Microsoft Outlook?

Yes, Microsoft Outlook has 3 critical vulnerabilities across 231 devices.

Hey Charlotte, what threat actors target us?

NEMESIS KITTEN, LABYRINTH CHOLLIMA and SCATTERED SPIDER have all been observed in your environment in the last 12 months.

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