Unlocking SOC Superpowers: How Next-Gen SIEM Transforms Your Team

Harness the full potential of your SOC team by unifying data, AI, workflow automation and threat intelligence in one platform

CrowdStrike Falcon® Next-Gen SIEM transcends the limitations of legacy SIEMs so you can detect and stop breaches faster than ever. It accomplishes this feat in part by upleveling every member of your SOC.

Falcon Next-Gen SIEM helps security engineers streamline deployment by providing a growing set of data connectors and the key data they need already in the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform. Security analysts, empowered with generative AI and automation, can navigate complex investigations. Threat hunters can search petabytes of data — enriched with world-class threat intelligence — at greater speed. And your CISO can safeguard your business without breaking the bank.

Here, we delve into why now is the time to supercharge the protectors of your organization with the capabilities of next-gen SIEM.

The Crucial Capability: Response Speed

Stopping modern attacks requires protectors to match adversaries’ speed. But as attack velocity and stealth increase, they’re facing a reckoning.

Two security trends underscore the need for speed. In 2023, adversaries avoided using malware in an astounding 75% of attacks to gain initial access, revealing a dangerous evolution in tactics. Even more striking, the average breakout time — the time it takes adversaries to move laterally after compromising a host — was only 62 minutes. The swiftest observed breakout time? A mere 2 minutes and 7 seconds.

Security teams saddled with legacy SIEMs are simply outmatched. They struggle to investigate attacks quickly as they’re often managing a patchwork of antiquated SIEMs, sprawling data lakes and disjointed analytics tools. They turn into data wranglers, pivoting between consoles and manually connecting the dots while adversaries achieve their goals. Legacy SIEMs frequently become black holes for data, growing in size as they absorb more telemetry but not emitting any insights, leading to slow response times, inefficient operations and soaring costs.

Today’s protectors need the next generation of SIEM to power the AI-native SOC — a unified platform designed from the ground up for speed and scale that converges data, AI and workflow automation.

Falcon Next-Gen SIEM gives protectors an edge that’s orders of magnitude faster and smarter than legacy SIEMs. To accelerate SOC transformation, CrowdStrike is providing all CrowdStrike Falcon® Insight XDR customers with next-gen SIEM capabilities such as workflow automation, incident management and collaboration — as well as 10 gigabytes of third-party data ingestion per day at no additional cost.

Elevating the Protectors

Falcon Next-Gen SIEM empowers all of your team members to operate faster and more efficiently to achieve the outcome that matters most: stopping breaches. Let’s explore the outcomes for every protector on your team.

Security Engineer: Instant Deployment, Hassle-free Management

While legacy SIEMs require lengthy data migration projects and complex, fragmented architectures, Falcon Next-Gen SIEM offers turnkey setup.

Falcon Next-Gen SIEM requires zero additional deployment, with key data and threat intelligence already built into the Falcon platform. There’s no need for security engineers to replicate or route data, and no headaches with network latency or ingestion bottlenecks because all key data is already there.

Effortless third-party data onboarding lets security engineers extend visibility and protection across their attack surface.

Expanding arrays of data connectors and parsers, normalized to the CrowdStrike Parsing Standard, ease setup so teams can spend more time fighting threats and less time onboarding and managing data. The Falcon Next-Gen SIEM Connector Dashboard makes it easy to understand the status and volume of data ingestion.

Figure 1. Easily bring data into Falcon Next-Gen SIEM using out-of-the-box data connectors, including a HTTP event collector (HEC) receiver


As a petabyte-scale platform, it can centrally store all data in one place. Teams can avoid the hassle of maintaining multiple data lakes or on-premises infrastructure. Security engineers can replace their legacy SIEMs and data lakes with one easy-to-manage platform.

Security Analyst: A Modern Analyst Experience with Built-in Automation

Legacy SIEMs force security analysts to navigate multiple tools and consoles to extract meaning from data. They burden analysts with endless low-fidelity alerts and manual processes, resulting in painfully slow investigations and missed attacks.

Falcon Next-Gen SIEM unifies security operations on one platform for unrivaled security and efficiency, helping analysts swiftly analyze threats while avoiding “swivel chair syndrome.” It simplifies every stage of incident response — from detection to investigation, response and even recovery through tight integration with the lightweight Falcon agent.

Bringing together generative AI automation and intuitive attack visualization, Falcon Next-Gen SIEM helps analysts of all skill levels triage and investigate incidents. With CrowdStrike’s effortless automation, early-adopter organizations have drastically improved efficiency and cut response times from hours to seconds.

Figure 2. The Incident Workbench provides a complete picture of an incident, including affected entities and threat context


Falcon Next-Gen SIEM extends CrowdStrike’s incredible detection capabilities to all data sources. Security analysts can create granular correlation rules to uncover threats across data sets and enrich data with CrowdStrike Falcon® Adversary Intelligence or custom lookup files.

Real-time collaboration lets security analysts share updates and coordinate tasks. The Incident Workbench shows attack activity, asset relationships and threat context in an elegant visual graph so analysts can quickly assess the scope and impact of an incident. A timeline view displays the sequence of events across data sources so they can make rapid, informed decisions. The CrowdStrike® Charlotte AI™ assistant turns hours of work into minutes, or even seconds, so analysts can work smarter, not harder.

Security analysts can drive automated actions across the Falcon platform and third-party tools with Falcon Fusion SOAR. An intuitive workflow builder with prebuilt playbooks and more than 125 workflow actions lets analysts surface critical threats and automate tedious tasks. Since it’s included as a standard feature, analysts can execute unlimited workflow actions at no additional cost.

Figure 3. A flexible visual editor lets your team build advanced workflows in minutes

Threat Hunter: Faster Search, Faster Actions

Threat hunters are constantly racing against time to uncover threats before damage is done.

Falcon Next-Gen SIEM gives threat hunters the speed they need to find threats swiftly, delivering up to 150x faster search performance than legacy SIEMs. With its petabyte scalability, organizations can log all of their data in one location, which simplifies hunting processes and removes blind spots.

Figure 4. Threat hunters can easily visualize search results


CrowdStrike’s powerful query language lets hunters filter, aggregate and visualize data and quickly pinpoint threats. Threat hunters can easily query any field to reveal indicators of compromise (IOCs) with free-text search.

Threat hunters can get up-to-date, accurate threat data as well as detailed profiles of over 230 adversaries, including nation-states, eCrime groups and hacktivists, with Falcon Adversary Intelligence.

CISO: Superior Outcomes at a Fraction of the Cost

Faced with escalating threats and soaring costs, how can CISOs chart a path to a better future, one where they can meet the demands of their board and sleep easy at night?

Falcon Next-Gen SIEM helps CISOs achieve their strategic objectives by letting them consolidate their security with a proven and trusted leader. By breaking down silos, streamlining operations and automating tasks, they can cut costs up to 80% compared to legacy SIEMs. Plus, because their key data is already in the Falcon platform, they don’t need to pay to ingest this data twice.

CrowdStrike understands adversaries better than anyone. CISOs can rely on us to protect their users and data. They can benefit from an industry-leading platform that consistently receives top scores and recognition from third-party testers, customers and analysts — not just in one category, but across multiple modules — to stop breaches, achieve compliance and address any security challenges they face.

Welcome to the AI-Native SOC

With Falcon Next-Gen SIEM, CrowdStrike is ushering in the AI-native SOC and turning our security teams into real-time cybercrime fighters. Get ready for the future of security operations.

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