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Complete Threat Insight with Falcon Intelligence


As a Sumo Logic customer, you’ve experienced real-time, integrated IOCs detected by CrowdStrike. Now take a leap beyond detection and inform your security strategy with the comprehensive insight necessary to defeat threat actors bent on penetrating your environment and exploiting your valuable data.

Although useful, IOCs are just a piece of the overall cyber threat intelligence landscape: you need the strategic edge a full Falcon Intelligence subscription provides. Go beyond IOCs and get access to threat tactics reports, detailed analysis, APIs, feeds and rules to integrate into your current security infrastructure investments such as Sumo Logic.

CrowdStrike’s Falcon Intelligence enables you to be more proactive and strategic about your defenses. You receive the right cybersecurity intelligence, delivered at the right time, and in the right way to help you stop breaches.


As a pioneer in adversary analysis, CrowdStrike Falcon Intelligence offers an in-depth and historical understanding of adversaries, including their campaigns and motivations. Falcon Intelligence reporting provides real-time adversary analysis for a more effective defense and better overall cybersecurity operations.

Falcon Intelligence delivers:

Immediate alerting of new adversary activity

Weekly, quarterly, or periodic strategic, operational and technical reports

Coverage of targeted intrusions, hacktivists and eCrime adversaries

In-depth analysis of more than 80 adversaries — their tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) and associated campaigns

APIs, feeds, and rules for easy integration with existing infrastructure (SIEMs, Threat Intelligence Platforms, and more)

Know your enemy with
Falcon Intelligence

Critical information to stay ahead of threat actors

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Achieve Proactive

Know which adversaries may be targeting your assets and organization thanks to CrowdStrike’s strategic, operational and technical reporting and alerts.

Stay Informed With
Relevant Alertrs

Reports, alerts, feeds and rules are immediately available, organized, and searchable via an intuitive web interface. Your defenses are enhanced to achieve maximum protection with minimal effort.

Your Defenses

Falcon Intelligence delivers well-documented APIs and feeds for integration with SIEMs, IDSs, threat intelligence platforms, and more. Incorporate intelligence directly into enterprise systems in real time.

Integrated with the CrowdStrike Falcon Platform for Complete Protection

Unmatched Prevention. Unrivaled Visibility.

Falcon Intelligence is one of five components of the CrowdStrike Falcon platform. Designed to stop breaches, the Falcon platform provides complete protection across your environment, by going beyond legacy endpoint security offerings. The CrowdStrike pioneering, cloud-delivered endpoint protection platform both delivers and unifies next-generation antivirus, endpoint detection and response (EDR), managed threat hunting, security hygiene and threat intelligence. Using its purpose-built cloud-native architecture, the Falcon platform collects and analyzes more than 34 billion endpoint events per day, from millions of agents deployed across 176 countries.