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Partner opportunities

CrowdStrike® Service Partners, including systems integrators (SIs), managed service providers (MSPs/MSSPs/MDRs) and consulting firms, can grow their businesses by providing clients with the leading security solutions, intelligence and expertise CrowdStrike offers. CrowdStrike works closely with partners to offer the highest level of protection for their customers — increasing customer acquisition and maximizing profitability.

Service partner overview

Join the CrowdStrike Elevate Service Partner Program and participate in its growing success by leveraging CrowdStrike tools, in-depth training and rich incentive programs.



Work with an industry-recognized leader in endpoint security — one that is proven to stop breaches



Access massive amounts of the high-quality data you need to create today’s security applications powered by artificial intelligence (AI)



Provide robust solutions to your customers and enhance your solutions by partnering with a known leader in security



Leverage CrowdStrike expertise to bring differentiated products and services to market that solve new security challenges

Why CrowdStrike?

The CrowdStrike Elevate Service Partner Program was developed to help you grow your own next-generation endpoint protection business. With your unique security expertise combined with CrowdStrike’s differentiated technology and partner programs, you can maximize your growth and increase mutual revenue.


Third-party validation

CrowdStrike is a security leader recognized by industry analysts such as Forrester, Gartner and IDC, and independent testing organizations like AV, SE Labs and Mitre.


Streamlined operational efficiency

CrowdStrike offers a multi-tenant, cloud-native platform that is easy to deploy, configure and maintain, allowing partners to deliver effective protection as a service while integrating with existing customer workflows via APIs

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World-class expertise

CrowdStrike provides enriched threat intelligence and research, expert cybersecurity training and technical and strategic advice to foster a strong partnership

The CrowdStrike approach

CrowdStrike’s alliances with service partners enable and enhance customer relationships to better produce and deliver best-in-class security services and solutions, while staying ahead of sophisticated cybercriminals. This program is ideal for the following:

  • Systems Integrators: (GSIs) and (SIs)
    Offer customers a diverse yet sophisticated range of effective cybersecurity solutions and expertise.
  • Managed Service Providers: (MSSPs) and (MSPs)
    Deliver the highest level of managed security to their customers in a seamless manner. Learn more
  • Consulting firms
    Conduct incident response and breach assessments
  • Law firms
    Provide data security and privacy advice to their clients and want to ensure that the full spectrum of risks are addressed; CrowdStrike is often retained by outside counsel in the event of a cyber compromise
  • Cyber Insurance Carriers
    Proactively reduce the cyber risks faced by those they insure and mitigate loss due to a cyber breach

CrowdStrike Powered Service Providers

CrowdStrike Powered Service Providers are our customers who have a robust portfolio of services that are powered by CrowdStrike to provide a broader solution set to our joint customers. CrowdStrike Powered Service Providers can leverage the power of the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform to deliver an endpoint, cloud, identity and data security solution that provides the highest level of protection for customers that is easy to implement and manage.

Consider a CrowdStrike Powered Service Provider to:

  • Receive a full life cycle of service offerings to deploy, support, and manage IT and Cyber Ecosystems
  • Obtain a breadth of advisory, consulting, and IT services for their business beyond CrowdStrike
  • Leverage expertise in IT and security for the best experience possible to stay ahead of the ever changing landscape

Interested in becoming a CrowdStrike service partner?

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Interested in becoming a CrowdStrike service partner?

Access and complete our form by clicking the button below and one of our team members will follow up with you.

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