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CrowdStrike Falcon for Healthcare FAQ

Can CrowdStrike Falcon assist me with HIPAA compliance?

Yes. The CrowdStrike Falcon platform has been independently validated to assist healthcare organizations with HIPAA compliance by Coalfire, a leading assessor of HIPAA compliance readiness. Coalfire’s validation is documented in a report that states, “The CrowdStrike Falcon platform capabilities in detection and responding to threats, and associated collection of activities, makes CrowdStrike a suitable solution for addressing a number of key technical requirements in the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules.”

Can CrowdStrike help healthcare organizations enhance and assess their in-house security capabilities?

Yes. Gaps exist in knowledge and expertise across many medical organizations. The CrowdStrike Falcon platform enhances your security expertise with a 24/7 managed threat hunting service enabled by the powerful, lightweight Falcon agent. This team identifies and stops new and emerging threats to healthcare organizations, providing total security around the clock. CrowdStrike Services can augment in-house IT staff with experts who have a track record of success in proactive planning using risk assessments.

A CrowdStrike compromise assessment will identify if an adversary has already breached your organization’s security defenses and quickly identify and eject the attacker. The cybersecurity maturity assessment examines your organization’s people, processes and tools to identify any gaps in your organization’s security apparatus so they can be addressed.

Does CrowdStrike Falcon support medical and Internet of Things (IoT) devices?

Yes. CrowdStrike has an active program working with medical and IOT device manufacturers to add support for these devices where applicable. Please contact your CrowdStrike representative for further consultation.