Network Detection Services

Delivering complete network visibility, detection, and threat hunting as a service.

Network blind spots and silent failure

Blind spots in the network and the silent failure of traditional Intrusion Detection Systems expose organizations to a wide range of potential threats including IP theft, ransomware, malware and other more destructive attacks.

Defending all things on the network

Proprietary devices and the Internet of things (IoT), including critical manufacturing and medical devices which lack the protection of traditional endpoints, are susceptible to attacks over the network.

Verifying containment of a network breach

Verifying containment and defensible disclosure after a breach of a network device requires full visibility to the malicious actions executed by a threat actor during the attack.

Gain complete visibility
across your entire network

Learn if attackers have breached your defenses and are moving undetected across your environment.

Next-level analytics

Correlate high-fidelity security telemetry across endpoints, identities and network devices.

Faster investigations

Accelerate the investigation and response to network intrusions.

Expert threat hunting

Proactively hunt for threats through network metadata to detect new and unknown attacks.

Network Detection Services

CrowdStrike Network Detection Services helps correlate high-fidelity security telemetry across endpoints, identities, and network devices to gain complete visibility to malicious threat actors operating within your network.

  • Streamlined network traffic capture using smart packet capture
  • Visibility to detect threats at the network layer
  • Powerful threat hunting through network protocol metadata analysis
  • Advanced analytics to find command and control (C2) activity in encrypted traffic
  • A fully integrated intrusion detection system (IDS) using the CrowdStrike Falcon platform
  • Flexible deployment options with physical or virtual sensors for your environment

Why choose CrowdStrike?

CrowdStrike and CrowdXDR Alliance partner Corelight natively integrate for enhanced network protection. The combined solution offers network detection and response, providing visibility into intrusions, lateral movement, and cyberattacks across endpoints, identities, and unprotected devices.

unified XDR platform

CrowdStrike FalconĀ® Insight XDR delivers a unified view of threat detections across endpoints, identities and network traffic (powered by Corelight).

Open NDR technology

Corelight Open NDR technology integrates with Falcon Insight XDR to provide complete network visibility and close gaps in network intrusions, including IoT and ICS environments.

expert threat hunting

CrowdStrike expert threat hunters take advantage of correlated high-fidelity security telemetry with Falcon Intelligence to accelerate the investigation of a cyber attack.