Falcon Insight for ChromeOS: The Industry’s First Native XDR Offering for ChromeOS

In recent years, ChromeOS device usage among businesses has seen a significant uptick, particularly in its adoption across verticals, from schools to large enterprises. According to recent IDC research, 16% of North American organizations have ChromeOS devices1 and the percentage is only expected to increase. The success of ChromeOS devices like Chromebooks can be attributed to built-in security, simple management and premium performance.

Equally appealing to IT and security, ChromeOS devices are designed to be secure by default. But just like the rest of their fleet, security teams need visibility into these devices and the ability to implement uniform security policies. This is especially important when you consider the popularity of ChromeOS for remote or hybrid work use cases, due to its deployment features such as zero-touch enrollment. No matter where in the world the device might be, security teams still need unified visibility across all their devices in one place.

CrowdStrike recently introduced the industry’s first EDR/XDR offering to deliver visibility and threat detection for ChromeOS devices without the need for a mobile device management (MDM) solution. With CrowdStrike Falcon® Insight for ChromeOS, organizations will benefit from Falcon Insight XDR’s industry-leading detection and response capabilities to stop adversaries across ChromeOS, Linux, macOS and Windows devices, all from the unified Falcon console to deliver the broadest cross-platform coverage in the industry.

Developed in close collaboration with the ChromeOS team, CrowdStrike Falcon® is the first security platform to ingest XDR events natively collected by ChromeOS. This means no new agents need to be deployed to ChromeOS devices to enable monitoring. Get up and running in minutes and enable broad visibility across your different devices in the unified Falcon console.  With the Falcon platform, managing your diverse environment is as simple as possible.

Native ChromeOS XDR

Native event telemetry ingested directly from ChromeOS helps eliminate visibility gaps across operating systems. With native visibility for ChromeOS devices built right into the Falcon platform, analysts can quickly see the big picture and easily scope out suspicious activity from one unified command console. Eliminating additional consoles for monitoring streamlines workflows and minimizes the time it takes to triage and respond to a potential threat.

Accelerated Incident Triage and Response

Customers can harness the power of CrowdStrike Falcon® Insight XDR as Falcon Insight for ChromeOS leverages the extended detection and response technology at the core of the Falcon platform. Unlock critical orchestration and automation tools that are already built into the platform and available for all Falcon customers. Security teams can speed up triage and response with automated workflows and notifications based on contextual insights and detections with the CrowdStrike Falcon® Fusion integrated security orchestration automation and response (SOAR) capability.

Up and Running in Minutes

Falcon Insight for ChromeOS does not require device-level deployment across the organization’s fleet of endpoints, and it can easily scale with an organization’s growth, making it an excellent choice for large enterprises and rapidly growing organizations. With Falcon Insight for ChromeOS, CrowdStrike eliminates the need to deploy additional agents or third-party mobile device management (MDM) solutions to secure ChromeOS devices. Since there’s no need to deploy an agent on all of the devices, there is no adverse impact on the performance of the ChromeOS devices. This leaves the end-user experience unaffected while still providing the necessary security measures to keep the organization protected.

As modern workplace demands continue to evolve, so will the security needs associated with hybrid work and remote access. Lacking centralized visibility into a large portion of your endpoint fleet can be an open invitation to bad actors — CrowdStrike’s native, agentless integration with ChromeOS helps rescind this invitation.

See CrowdStrike Falcon Insight XDR in action in this short demo.

1 Endpoint Security Survey, IDC, December 2022

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