CrowdXDR Alliance: XDR — United

A revolutionary security alliance to deliver unified extended detection and response enterprise-wide.

Detect and respond everywhere

Bringing together industry-leading security and IT solutions, the CrowdXDR Alliance offers a first-of-its-kind technology ecosystem to enable unified, threat-centric detection and response across an organization’s entire security and technology ecosystem. Only the CrowdXDR Alliance delivers:

Best-of-breed partners

Deploy XDR across your security stack and keep using the best, industry-leading security and IT solutions most suitable for protecting your organization.

Threat-centric ontology

Apply an adversarial mindset and consistent XDR taxonomy for seamless communication and coordination between all of your XDR-connected systems and applications.

Purpose-built integrations

Accelerate your detection and response operations with XDR-designed playbooks, APIs, and automation for comprehensive protection and faster time-to-value.

EDR at the core

Build from a position of strength and extend EDR capabilities and best practices across your security and IT operations enterprise-wide.

Extend XDR even further

CrowdStrike pioneered the CrowdXDR Alliance with one primary goal: to stop breaches everywhere. In lock-step with all participating members, the CrowdXDR Alliance unlocks the full potential of XDR equipping security teams with:

  • A unified approach to XDR
    Achieve the fastest and most effective threat detection and response capabilities with a shared ontology, common query language, and purpose-built workflow automations.
  • Ecosystem-wide visibility
    Identify and hunt threats faster at unprecedented speed and scale with threat telemetry collected from the broadest range of first- and third-party sources across multiple technologies and domains.
  • True defense in depth
    Take advantage of the wide range of tools offered in the CrowdXDR Alliance and protect your organization through multiple layers of XDR-coordinated cyber-defense.
  • XDR your way
    With leading solutions in practically every major security domain—including email, cloud, identity, web, network, and IOT security—the CrowdXDR Alliance puts you in the driver seat. You choose the scope of XDR for your organization, the domains it covers, and the tools you integrate.
  • Streamline operations
    Use the CrowdXDR Alliance to build a cohesive and more efficient cybersecurity stack designed to stop cyberattacks anywhere in their environments.

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