CrowdStrike Named a Leader with “Bold Vision” in 2024 Forrester Wave for Cybersecurity Incident Response Services

The powerful combination of the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform and elite services team deliver the speed and visibility required to rapidly investigate an incident, eliminate the adversary and limit the impact of a breach.

CrowdStrike has been named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Cybersecurity Incident Response Services, Q2 2024. This recognition demonstrates for us our unwavering commitment to providing the technology and services organizations need to detect and eliminate threats.

“A product powerhouse in detection and response tech, CrowdStrike’s unwavering mission and vision are to stop breaches,” the report states.

Today’s adversaries are faster and more sophisticated, threatening business continuity and compliance for organizations spanning all sizes and industries. Defenders need a comprehensive incident response strategy that both minimizes breach impact and fulfills the regulatory obligations they’ll face after an incident.

The powerful combination of the CrowdStrike Falcon cybersecurity platform, our elite services team and our unmatched knowledge of the adversary provides organizations with the capabilities they need to effectively respond to incidents, remove the adversary from their environment, bolster their defense against future breaches and address disclosure requirements.

Forrester’s Cybersecurity Incident Response Services report evaluated 14 providers on 25 criteria. CrowdStrike received the highest possible score in metrics, onboarding, incident response, ecosystem collaboration, legal and regulatory compliance support, technology, threat intelligence, cloud environments, and contribution to the cybersecurity industry.

“Top Threat Intelligence Capabilities” and “Top Tech”

“CrowdStrike is a fit for security and risk leaders concerned about nation-state-level threats and looking for top threat intelligence capabilities in addition to top tech for ongoing monitoring, detection, and response support post-incident,” Forrester writes in the report.

CrowdStrike is consistently recognized as an industry leader in analyst reports and awarded for the Falcon platform’s powerful capabilities. We believe our recognition as a leader in The Forrester Wave for Cybersecurity Incident Response Services underscores several core strengths that differentiate our offering from those of our competitors. Key among those are our industry-leading Falcon platform, elite services team and unparalleled threat intelligence.

Core to CrowdStrike’s incident response (IR) capabilities is the Falcon platform, a cloud-native solution that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to deliver visibility and protection across endpoints, cloud sources, identities and beyond — using real-time data analysis to detect and respond to threats with speed and precision. This technology is a key driver behind CrowdStrike’s leadership and is used in every CrowdStrike IR engagement to eject the adversary and stabilize the security situation.

CrowdStrike’s IR team is one of the most informed and capable in the industry, composed of highly experienced security professionals who have managed some of the most intricate and high-stakes cyber incidents globally. This depth of expertise enables CrowdStrike to offer tailored solutions that address the unique security challenges each client faces. Our experience and IR acumen are critical components of our ability to deliver exceptional incident response services.

This expertise extends to the cloud, a growing area of concern for organizations around the world. Reference customers “commend CrowdStrike’s cloud IR experience and expertise and the efficacy of its tech…” Forrester states in its report.

The Power of the Crowd

We stop breaches, and the whole of CrowdStrike supports that mission. In-region consultants support client needs across the globe and deliver remote and/or onsite IR. Our follow-the-sun model means around-the-clock client communications, escalation and analysis. Threat Hunting, Intelligence, Technology Operations, Forensics and Leadership teams all fully support IR engagements, with dedicated support teams that staff each IR engagement.

Being named a leader in The Forrester Wave for Cybersecurity Incident Response Services validates, in our opinion, our strategic vision and operational excellence. Organizations looking to enhance their defenses can be confident in the value and reliability of CrowdStrike’s offerings, knowing that they have been thoroughly vetted by one of the industry’s most respected analysts.

As threats continue to evolve, CrowdStrike remains dedicated to advancing its technologies and strategies to provide superior protection for its clients. For us, this recognition as a leader serves as both a benchmark of current success and a springboard for future advancements in the cybersecurity landscape.

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