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Please join me in welcoming a new addition to our CrowdStrike Racing and Formula One brand family: Starting today, CrowdStrike becomes the Official Mercedes Safety Car Partner, and the iconic Mercedes-AMG GT R, an Official Safety Car of the FIA Formula One World Championship™, will carry the CrowdStrike brand, alongside the recently unveiled Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team’s brand-new Mercedes-AMG F1 W12 E Performance car and the CrowdStrike Racing fleet that competes throughout North America.

We’re extremely proud to have our name appear on the Official Safety Car for half of the races throughout the 2021 F1 race season. Here’s why.

The Official Safety Car of the FIA Formula One World Championship™, mandated by the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile), which regulates Formula One, is a critical component of the sport’s “Action for Road Safety” initiative. The primary role of the Official Safety Car is to lead the field of competitors around the racetrack when wet weather, accidents or debris require it.

The purpose of the safety car is, quite simply, to save lives. Always ready to jump into action whenever track conditions turn hazardous, the safety car is there to protect drivers, crews and the crowd. For anyone who follows F1, or any other form of organized motorsport, the safety car (or pace car) is a kind of guardian angel, piloted by true heroes who routinely and fearlessly place themselves between danger and the people they protect.

For this year’s Mercedes-AMG Official Safety Car to wear our CrowdStrike colors is a true honor, and a fitting symbol of our commitment to the protection of systems, data, intellectual property — and most importantly, people. Every member of the global CrowdStrike team comes to work every day, ready to engage and fight for our mission of stopping breaches, so our thousands of customers — and the millions of employees and customers they support around the world — can conduct their business and live their lives in safety and security.

If you watch Formula One this year, you’ll see our brand proudly displayed on the safety car every time it is called upon to intervene and ensure the safety of race participants. You’ll also see a more prominent and meaningful display of the CrowdStrike brand on the new Mercedes-AMG F1 W12 E Performance car. Our logo now appears on the cockpit surround that shields the driver, and on the helmets of Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas.

The significance of all of these places where our logo appears should be clear to all: The cockpit surround, the driver’s helmet, and the safety car all serve the same primary purpose — to protect people and preserve life at all costs.

Just as the global racing community is constantly innovating — not only to win races but to make this high-speed sport better and safer — CrowdStrike remains just as committed to solving the toughest problems in cybersecurity, and ensuring the safety and security of the growing global community that we have the honor to serve.

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