AI-powered protection

The industry’s most complete AI-powered threat protection, trained on the trillions of events
of the CrowdStrike® Security Cloud and CrowdStrike’s world-class experts.


Maximize detection efficacy

Our world-class machine learning (ML) models are trained on CrowdStrike's unparalleled intelligence and security expertise to detect the most advanced threats while minimizing false positives.


Broaden analyst impact

Scale your security operations and stop breaches fast. Automated threat detection and response empowers your security teams to streamline operations and focus on what matters most.


Save time and money

Use the speed and scale of cloud-native computing to reduce the time to detect and respond to threats, and surface real-time recommendations based on the latest threat intelligence, 24/7.


trillion events/day


million IOA decisions/second


improved vulnerability prioritization with ExPRT.AI

"CrowdStrike leads the industry with regards to the application of artificial intelligence/machine learning to endpoint security, as well as providing unparalleled prevention of malware and malware-free attacks on and off the network.” -Frost & Sullivan

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Technology innovation leadership award

Technical features

CrowdStrike AI & ML delivers the world’s most advanced protection from modern threats

Harness unparalleled intelligence

Leverage advanced ML trained on the 2 trillions of data points collected every day by the CrowdStrike® Security Cloud

  • Level up. Defend your organization with the cloud-native platform powering the largest share of deployed sensors across the security landscape.
  • Supercharge investigations. Stop advanced threats with unified visibility and in-depth, cross-domain insight from the CrowdStrike Threat Graph® and Intel Graph.
  • Stay ahead of attacks. Predict and detect adversary behavioral patterns with industry-leading AI-powered indicators of attack (IOAs).
Falcon cloud

Built to empower experts and turbocharge efficiency

Get advanced protection from ML that automates threat detection and response, while surfacing high-fidelity detections requiring analyst review to maximize impact.

  • Detect the stealthiest threats with models refined and tested on the intelligence of the threat hunters of Falcon® OverWatch™.
  • Deploy your team’s expertise at scale with models that continuously learn from your teams’ decisions, enhancing performance, refining detection fidelity and preventing recurring false positives.
  • Stay ahead of threats with the ExPRT.AI model in Falcon Spotlight for a 3x improvement in proactive vulnerability prioritization over other methods.
Overwatch analysts

Activate a multi-layered defense

Get the industry’s most sophisticated threat protection with ML from prevention to remediation.

  • Stop threats in seconds and prevent model exposure to adversaries with the combined protection of agent-based and cloud-native models.
  • Unlock even higher-fidelity threat detections at runtime with behavioral analysis that combines real-time sensor telemetry, cloud-based intelligence and industry-leading AI-powered IOAs.
  • Focus on the most pressing threats by surfacing real-time anomalies with CrowdScore designed to deliver a holistic assessment of your organization’s threat level.
  • Catch the stealthiest threats that bypass even the most sophisticated technology with the elite threat hunters of Falcon OverWatch™. CrowdStrike’s threat hunters harness AI-generated alert signals, hypothesis testing and advanced tools to investigate and stop the most sophisticated threats.
ML detection

Hear from our experts

Chief Scientist Sven Krasser dives into the CrowdStrike approach to AI

How to use Falcon Spotlight's ExPRT.AI

The world’s most tested next-gen
endpoint protection platform

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Falcon Pro for Mac achieves 100% malware protection.

Wizard spider
100% prevention in MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK Evaluation.

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Enterprise Advanced Security (Ransomware)
Award October 2022

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“CrowdStrike’s machine learning engine was the first signature-less engine to be integrated into VirusTotal”

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Technology Innovation Leadership Award