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Subscription courses that teach you how to stop breaches

CrowdStrike offers professional training and education services for students who want to enhance and expand their cybersecurity abilities, from introductory to advanced capabilities. Our education brings out the best in your people, from 24x7 security operations engineers to senior business executives and even those with non-technical responsibilities.

We teach security practitioners how to detect, prevent and stop breaches utilizing remote and onsite training with the latest EDR technology tools and cyber threat intelligence.


CrowdStrike’s experience defending the most important organizations, information and networks powers these education offerings. Experienced instructors and responders teach these courses, drawing on the real-world lessons from these incidents.

  • Courses are offered remotely or on-site, depending on the nature and level of the material.
  • Some courses are delivered in a self-paced online format, which students can consume at a pace and time that is appropriate for their needs.
  • Others are offered with interactive instruction: some of these instructor-led courses can be delivered via remote meeting technology, and some can be delivered at the client’s site.
  • Course length: From about 30 minutes for simple how-to topics up to 24 hours for more advanced skills development. Many courses have lab exercises so students can demonstrate their learning. These exercises are also sometimes derived from real incidents.

CrowdStrike experts are available to create custom education packages to help you and your people get the most from your investment in defenders, technology and the Falcon platform.


CrowdStrike education is available by-the-student in packages to suit the needs of small, medium and large enterprises.

  • Organizations with a small defensive staff and limited in-house needs often opt for basic training and familiarization, relying on outside parties to conduct full-scope incident response when needed.
  • Larger and more advanced organizations frequently develop intermediate and advanced in-house capabilities, drawing on outside help in exceptional cases.

Training subscriptions are available that provides access to CrowdStrike University. CrowdStrike University provides access to all of the self-paced online courses and access to the global training calendar.

The self-paced online courses allow you to take CrowdStrike courses at your convenience. These courses are frequently updated to reflect the latest features and product changes. The global training calendar features a listing of our live instructor-led classes. These instructor-led courses are typically held virtually and include both lecture and hands-on labs.

Each one of these instructor-led courses require a certain amount of Training Credits. Training Credits can be purchased ala cart as part of the CrowdStrike University subscription.



Grounds students' knowledge in the basics of CrowdStrike's Falcon platform. This material and lessons are aimed at the technical contributor, from the SOC shift worker through incident analysts.


Expands students' knowledge beyond the basics of CrowdStrike's products and services. These courses provide more detailed guidance and best practices to get the most value from the Falcon platform in the context of an organization's security operations.


Help advanced students make good decisions about what tactics to execute. These courses are appropriate for students with results-based, rather than task-based responsibilities such as incident responders and response team leads, forensic analysts, and specialty teams such as intelligence fusion, incident hunting, and large-scale incident response.

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Once you have completed the applicable courses, demonstrate your knowledge and skill by completing the CrowdStrike Falcon Certification Program. Click here for more details.


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