CrowdStrike University FAQ

What is CrowdStrike University? (CSU)
Where can I learn more about your courses?
What is a CrowdStrike University subscription?
How do I get a new user added to CrowdStrike University?
What is the difference between a CrowdStrike University Access Pass and a CrowdStrike University Annual LMS Subscription?
My account has expired. How do I get access again?
Training Credits
What are Training Credits?
Account Management
How do I update my time zone in CrowdStrike University?
I forget my password. How can I reset it?
CrowdStrike Certifications
What are the CrowdStrike certifications you offer?
How are CrowdStrike Certification exams delivered?
Preparing for your Certification Exam
Are there prerequisites for the certification exams?
Is a training subscription (LMS Annual Subscription or Access Pass) needed at CrowdStrike University to take a certification exam?
Certification Exam Registration
How do I register for a certification exam?
Exam Purchasing
How can I buy an exam voucher or pay for an exam?
Does my exam purchase include an exam retake attempt?
What is the shelf life of exam vouchers?
About CrowdStrike Exams
What is the exam format?
What is OnVUE?
What is a “proctored” exam?
Are the certification exams suitable for non‑native English speakers?
What is the exam pass percentage rate?
When will I receive my exam results?
Exam Retakes
How many exam attempts are allowed?
Is there a waiting period between exam attempts?
What should I do if I am struggling to pass my exam?
Do I need to pay again for the retakes?
Certification Expiration
Do certifications expire?
Instructor-Led Courses
Are instructor-led courses offered in a private setting?
How do I register for an instructor-led session?
How are instructor-led classes delivered?
How do I access course materials after I’ve completed the course?