Penetration Testing

CrowdStrike® Penetration Testing Services simulate real-world attacks on different components of your IT environment to test the detection and response capabilities of your people, processes and technology and identify where vulnerabilities exist in your environment.

The challenge

Testing the components of your IT environment is a continuous and often daunting task. Understanding the latest attack techniques and testing and assessing your defenses against those types of attacks is critical to improving your cybersecurity posture.

Identifying vulnerabilities

Identifying vulnerabilities requires more than simply running a scan of your environment if you want to stop today’s sophisticated attacks.

Exploiting vulnerabilities

It is one thing to identify that a vulnerability exists, but something completely different to be able to exploit that vulnerability and see how far you can penetrate into the network and systems.

Understanding advanced tactics

To truly protect your environment you need to know which adversaries are more likely to target your organization so you can mimic their advanced tactics to better test your defenses.

The benefits of Penetration Testing

  • Reduce attack surface
    Identify and mitigate vulnerabilities throughout your IT environment, to reduce the attack surface for today’s advanced threats
  • Gain visibility of security gaps
    Gain an objective perspective that exposes blind spots and gives you visibility into security gaps that could be missed by your internal IT teams due to a lack of expertise or unfamiliarity with the latest threats
  • Test effectiveness of security tools
    Test the investments you have made in your cybersecurity tools and technology to determine if any vulnerabilities or gaps exist and whether they can stop a sophisticated attack on your organization
  • Prioritize security budgets
    Prioritize your security budgets where they are needed most, saving money over the long run by preventing wasteful expenditures over the broader security landscape

What CrowdStrike delivers

  • Internal Penetration Testing
    Assesses your internal systems to determine if there are exploitable vulnerabilities that expose data or unauthorized access to the outside world: The test includes system identification, enumeration, vulnerability discovery, exploitation, privilege escalation and lateral movement.
  • External Penetration Testing
    Assesses your Internet-facing systems to determine if there are exploitable vulnerabilities that expose data or unauthorized access to the outside world: The test includes system identification, enumeration, vulnerability discovery and exploitation.
  • Web/mobile application Penetration Testing
    Evaluates your web/mobile application using a three-phase approach: 1) application reconnaissance, 2) discovery vulnerabilities and 3) exploit the vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data.
  • Insider threat Penetration Testing
    Identifies the risks and vulnerabilities that can expose your sensitive internal resources and assets to those without authorization: The team assess areas of escalation and bypass to identify vulnerabilities and configuration weaknesses in permissions, services and network configurations.
  • Wireless Penetration Testing
    Identifies the risks and vulnerabilities associated with your wireless network: The team assesses weaknesses such as deauthentication attacks, configurations, session reuse and unauthorized wireless devices.

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Why CrowdStrike?

Real-world expertise

The CrowdStrike team has unrivaled expertise and skills drawn from their experiences in incident response, forensics and red team engagements to create attacks using real-world threat actor tools that expose vulnerabilities within your environment.

Advanced threat intelligence

CrowdStrike uses the most advanced threat intel to understand the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) that adversaries will use to penetrate your environment and disrupt your business operations.

Go beyond vulnerability scanning

CrowdStrike engagements deliver more than just a simple vulnerability scan. These tests are designed to penetrate deep into your networks, exploit your vulnerabilities, and identify where security gaps exist and how to close them.