Services Retainer

A CrowdStrike Services Retainer is designed to ensure an organization is prepared to react quickly and effectively to a cybersecurity incident and also benefit from proactive services.

The challenge

The reality is that your organization is likely to encounter a cyber incident at some point. Your ability to react and respond can be impacted by:

Lack of preparation

Organizations often don't prepare in advance, failing to ensure they can call upon incident response (IR) services from a trusted provider. Terms and conditions covering a service-level agreement and hourly rates are not negotiated in advance, which undermines the ability to respond and mitigate the impact of an attack.

Reactive approach

Many organizations focus only on making preparations to help them ‘react’ to an incident, failing to see that proactive services can help them improve their cyber security posture. They need to have access to a comprehensive range of proactive services that can help them be more resilient and proactive in dealing with threats and attacks.

Lack of value

Far too often retainers feel like lost money to an organization. The eventuality they cover doesn't happen and they see no value in their proactive commitment. What is missing is the flexibility that allows them to pick and choose what makes sense for the organization as they work to improve and mature their security posture.

The benefits of a Services Retainer

  • Faster response
    Pre-negotiated terms and conditions help reduce the response time to an incident
  • Prepared in advance
    Agreed-on service levels in the event of a suspected incident give you confidence
  • Tailored to you
    Flexibility in retainer offerings allow tailoring suited to different needs and budgets
  • More than just IR
    Access to a full range of proactive services that will improve security posture

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What CrowdStrike delivers
What CrowdStrike delivers

These retainer options ensure you are prepared to react quickly and effectively to a cybersecurity giving you flexibility over:

  • Response time: You can choose and select the response time that you feel matches the resources and capabilities of your organization and budget.
  • Financial commitment: You have the flexibility to select a retainer fitting your budget and needs — commitment to more hours will result in lower hourly rates.
  • Range of services: Prioritized access to IR services and an extensive range of proactive services ensures you are always best prepared and you get value from the retainer.

Why CrowdStrike?

Skills & expertise

The CrowdStrike Services team has unrivaled expertise and skills in delivering IR and proactive service engagements.

Flexibility & comprehensiveness

If you don't feel the need to call on IR services any remaining value can be used against an extensive range of proactive service.

IR speed & precision

The CrowdStrike Falcon® platform allows the Services team to engage immediately — identifying attackers and ejecting them from your environment.