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Incident Response

CrowdStrike Services conducts data breach investigations for enterprise organizations of all sizes. We consistently work with compromised organizations to quickly determine the scope of attacker access, diagnose notification requirements, and help resume normal business operations as quickly as possible.

Forensic Analysis

CrowdStrike provides on-demand forensic analysis to recover, analyze, and authenticate data. Our team has provided forensic and legal support across the spectrum of computer crimes and electronic espionage — from intellectual property theft to fraud to insider threats to nation-state hacking.

Malware Analysis

CrowdStrike’s team of world-class reverse engineers provides on-demand analysis of malware to identify indicators of compromise and pinpoint attacker attribution.


Don’t wait to remediate.  CrowdStrike’s remediation services allow for quicker protection of intellectual property and provide revolutionary processes to secure networks under attack.

Proactive Services

CrowdStrike enables you to anticipate threats, prepare your network, and improve your team’s ability to prevent damage from cyber attacks.

Next Generation Pen Test

CrowdStrike performs penetration testing to assess your organization’s preparedness to identify and respond to targeted attacks. Our operators leverage CrowdStrike intelligence to customize simulated attacks and emulate the adversaries most likely to target your organization.

Compromise Assessment

CrowdStrike will determine ways attackers could compromise your network – or establish if it is already breached. We will help you implement detection and preventive measures to thwart attackers, map attacks to specific adversaries, and identify specific remediation steps to recover and protect against future attacks.

IR/SOC Program Development

Leverage CrowdStrike’s deep experience in incident response and SOC management to work with your security organization to build the processes, procedures, tools, team, and technology required to improve or create best-of-breed cyber security operations.

Tabletop Exercises

Through customized tabletop exercises, CrowdStrike prepares and trains your security team using up-to-date real world incident response scenarios without the loss of intellectual property or disruption to business.

Intel Services

CrowdStrike provides customized intelligence to customers that can address their specific threats and unique requirements.

Counter Threat Assessment

This unique offering provides clients an assessment of the external cyber threats facing their operations. CrowdStrike analysts conduct investigations and provide executive management real-time information they can use to effectively allocate the resources needed to proactively defend their networks.

Threat Intel Workshops

Highly customized programs designed by CrowdStrike to train your security team how to best utilize threat intelligence feeds they already subscribe to or help build an internal capability to develop and gather their own intelligence.

Tactical Intelligence Requests

CrowdStrike performs a wide-range of customer specific intelligence gathering operations that leverage our expertise, infrastructure and intelligence collection capabilities.