2022 Global Threat Report: A Year of Adaptability and Perseverance

February 15, 2022

Executive Viewpoint

For security teams on the front lines and those of us in the business of stopping cyberattacks and breaches, 2021 provided no rest for the weary. In the face of massive disruption brought about by the COVID-driven social, economic and technological shifts of 2020, adversaries refined their tradecraft to become even more sophisticated and brazen. The result was a series of high-profile attacks that rocked many organizations and, on their own, represented watershed moments in cybersecurity.

As organizations scrambled at the start of 2021 to protect supply chains and interconnected systems in the face of the incredibly sophisticated Sunburst attack, adversaries exploited zero-day vulnerabilities and architectural limitations in legacy systems like Microsoft to leave many reeling. At the same time, eCrime syndicates refined and amplified big game hunting (BGH) ransomware attacks that ripped across industries, sowing devastation and sounding the alarm on the frailty of our critical infrastructure. 

For security teams already dealing with an ongoing skills shortage, these issues proved challenging enough on their own. But the strain on security teams was amplified even more at the end of the year when the ubiquitous Log4Shell vulnerability threatened a complete security meltdown.

Understanding these events gives visibility into the shifting dynamics of adversary tactics, which is critical for staying ahead of today’s threats. This is the context that the CrowdStrike 2022 Global Threat Report delivers. Developed based on the firsthand observations of our elite CrowdStrike Intelligence and Falcon OverWatch™ teams, combined with insights drawn from the vast telemetry of the CrowdStrike Security Cloud, this year’s report provides crucial insights into what security teams need to know about an increasingly ominous threat landscape.

Among the details you’ll learn in this year’s report: 

  • How state-sponsored adversaries targeted IT and cloud service providers to exploit trusted relationships and supply chain partners 
  • How state-sponsored adversaries weaponized vulnerabilities to evade detection and gain access to critical applications and infrastructure 
  • How sophisticated adversaries exploited stolen credentials and identities to amplify ransomware BGH attacks and infiltrate cloud environments  
  • How malicious actors intensified attacks on critical cloud infrastructure with new, sophisticated approaches 

Our annual report also paints a picture that shows enterprise risk is coalescing around three critical areas: endpoints and cloud workloads, identity and data. Threat actors continue to exploit vulnerabilities across endpoints and cloud environments, and ramp up innovation on how they use identities and stolen credentials to bypass legacy defenses — all to reach their goal, which is your data. CrowdStrike has observed that 62% of attacks comprise non-malware, hands-on-keyboard activity. As adversaries advance their tradecraft in this manner to bypass legacy security solutions, autonomous machine learning alone is not good enough to stop dedicated attackers.

CrowdStrike is relentless in our drive to keep you ahead of adversaries today — and into the future. To meet the adversaries head-on, we’re unifying a modern approach to security with a platform that connects the machine both to the identity and the data to deliver full Zero Trust protection. As adversaries shift to targeting cloud workloads, we’re providing deep visibility and proactive security across the entire cloud-native stack. To alleviate the burden of the constant cycle of patching, we’re prioritizing the vulnerabilities that create the most risk. And for the most sophisticated attacks, we’ve delivered powerful new extended detection and response (XDR) capabilities to help overwhelmed security teams automate response and reduce the time it takes to hunt across domains.

The year 2021 has taught us that no matter how much adversity we face, the adversary will not rest. Attacks are growing more destructive, causing mass disruption in all aspects of our daily lives. But this is the challenge we’ve accepted and a fight that we will win together. I hope you find this report informative and that it gives you the same clarity of purpose it gives me: to be unrelenting in our drive to stop adversaries from stopping business, and our way of life.  

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