How Falcon OverWatch Proactively Hunts for Threats in Your Environment


Falcon OverWatch is a team of dedicated, proactive threat hunters that work on your behalf. They constantly search the entire CrowdStrike Threat Graph for anomalous or otherwise new attacker activity. This augments the detection and protection offered by both the Falcon Host product and your in-house Security Operations Center. Often, human investigation is required to identify truly cutting-edge attack techniques.


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How It Works

Falcon OverWatch is a team of cyber security experts that does proactive threat hunting across the entire CrowdStrike architecture. This adds a human element to the offering that is often necessary to counter the attackers conducting advanced attacks. The team hunts 24/7 and leverages efficiencies offered by the Falcon Platform to focus their efforts on only the most advanced attacker activity. If such activity is found, they immediately contact you and facilitate remediation and response. This approach allows advanced threat activity to be found in minutes rather than in days, weeks or months – drastically reducing dwell time for the attacker and cost for you.

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