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A Radical New Architecture for Endpoint Protection

CrowdStrike Falcon: Cloud-Delivered Endpoint Protection

Falcon Cloud

CrowdStrike Threat Graph™


Falcon Management


Falcon Threat

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CrowdStrike Falcon™ Agent

CrowdStrike designed an intelligent, lightweight agent unlike any other. It blocks attacks — both malware and malware-free — while it captures and records all relevant endpoint activity, ensuring true visibility across your environment.

20 MB install package

No reboot required

No daily AV definitions

No user alerts

No impact on the endpoint

Protection and detection on and offline

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Falcon Sensor
Falcon Cloud

Falcon Cloud

To reduce overhead, friction and cost while delivering the most comprehensive endpoint protection available today, CrowdStrike created an entirely new cloud-based architecture.

Immediate time to value — no hardware, additional software or configuration required

Drives down cost and complexity

Instant “community immunity”

Infinite scalability

Benefits of cloud-delivered endpoint protection

Falcon Threat Intelligence

In today's dynamic threat environment, it takes people, processes, technology AND intelligence to protect against sophisticated and persistent attacks.

Expert knowledge and insight

All-source methodology across existing and emerging threats

Infuses intelligence into every component of our architecture

Provides unprecedented capabilities to detect and stop breaches.

Understand the Power of Threat Intelligence
threat graphic

Threat Graph™

The “brain” that powers the Falcon Platform, CrowdStrike Threat Graph™ uses powerful graph analytics to correlate billions of events in real time. Threat Graph draws links between security events across the global CrowdStrike Falcon sensor community.

Powerful graph analytics applied to cyber security

Processes tens of billions of events per day

Stores and analyzes petabytes of historical data

Detects “unknown unknowns” using a combination of cutting-edge algorithms and advanced intelligence

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Falcon Management Interface

True visibility means fast access to real-time and historical information, right at your fingertips. The Falcon management interface gives you an intuitive and informative view of your complete environment, with timely alerts and granular search capabilities.

Real-time endpoint visibility to drill into details and respond to threats instantly and effectively

Historical searches

Access to Intelligence

Available from anywhere

Forensics made easy

How to Achieve 5-Second Visibility
True endpoint visibility - Watch video

Falcon Overwatch

Stopping breaches requires more than just advanced technology — it also requires a team of dedicated analysts and intrusion experts trained to leverage that technology to monitor real-time endpoint data and activity and spot anomalies that indicate an active or pending attack.

24/7 managed hunting

Team of elite security experts

Prevents the “mega breach”

Augments existing security staff

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The Falcon Platform and architecture is built around a rich set of APIs that efficiently and effectively complement and expand your existing security infrastructure (SIEMs, IPS/IDS, etc.).

Open architecture

Connect existing security investments to Falcon Platform

Ingest and share real-time threat information

Optimizes your security investments

Unleashing the Power of the Platform

The CrowdStrike Endpoint Protection Architecture

CrowdStrike designed a new approach and architecture to overcome the limitations of existing endpoint security solutions and deliver true next-generation endpoint protection:

Green Globe

Replace legacy AV solutions with confidence — protect your endpoints against all threat types — known and unknown, malware and malware-free

See the big picture instead of focusing on point challenges, such as malware, and avoid being blind-sided by malware-free attacks

Get the scalability, adaptability and speed required to defeat attackers' ever-changing tools and techniques

Operationalize in hours and free your team from the treadmill of deployment, maintenance and updates

Use people, process, technology and intelligence in concert for the most effective protection

This is why Crowdstrike designed a new approach and architecture to eliminate those flaws and deliver next-generation endpoint protection.


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