Stop breaches. Save time.
Save money.

IDC study validates that consolidating with the CrowdStrike Falcon® XDR
platform delivers major benefits to interviewed customers.

IDC proves why customers choose CrowdStrike for cybersecurity consolidation

Consolidating with CrowdStrike stops breaches, boosts analyst efficiency, and reduces costs. This IDC white paper, sponsored by CrowdStrike, proves how enterprises can substantially benefit from platform consolidation.


more potential threats identified in half the time


more effective security teams with 66% faster investigations

$6 back

for every $1 invested with a
5-month payback period

Faster, better,
streamlined security

Operating cybersecurity with a patchwork of security point products is slow, complex, and costly — resulting in a significantly higher risk of breaches. To stop modern adversaries and reduce complexity, security and IT leaders must move away from disjointed, underperforming legacy tools and consolidate point solutions.

World-class protection. Unmatched speed and efficiency.
Read the white paper to see why our customers trust CrowdStrike with their cybersecurity needs.

23,000+ customers trust CrowdStrike
to protect what matters most

We get more out of CrowdStrike than from competitors, because it’s such a complete solution and has such a compelling value
for its price.
  • — CrowdStrike customer
We’ve saved around 40% of our security operations center’s time with CrowdStrike.
  • — CrowdStrike customer
The platform-centric approach with CrowdStrike is useful because the different modules speak to each other, ensuring tight integration on the back-end.
  • — CrowdStrike customer

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