CrowdStrike Falcon Prevent: cloud-native next-generation antivirus

CrowdStrike Falcon® Prevent offers the ideal AV replacement solution by combining the most effective prevention technologies with full attack visibility and simplicity — you’ll be up and ready immediately.

Why Choose Falcon Prevent

Better protection

CrowdStrike's cloud-native next-gen antivirus (NGAV) protects against all types of attacks from commodity malware to sophisticated attacks — even when offline.

Fast & easy deployment

Falcon Prevent is fully operational in seconds, no need for signatures, fine-tuning, or costly infrastructure.

Optimal Performance

From initial deployment through ongoing day-to-day use, Falcon Prevent operates without impacting resources or productivity.

"One thing that is really cool about CrowdStrike is the impact on operations. When we deployed CrowdStrike, we were delighted and so were users, because nothing changed. The solution does not cause any performance degradation; so much so that no one noticed we had deployed a new security solution."

- Fabiano Moura, IT Executive Manager, Autoglass

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Technical features

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State-of-the-art prevention

  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence detect known and unknown malware and ransomware
  • Identify malicious behaviors and prevent sophisticated fileless attacks with AI-powered indicators of attack (IOAs), script control and high-performance memory scanning
  • Exploit blocking stops the execution and spread of threats via unpatched vulnerabilities
  • Detect and quarantine on write stops and isolates malicious files when they first appear on a host
  • Industry-leading threat intelligence is built into the CrowdStrike Security Cloud to actively block malicious activity
Falcon prevent indicator dashboard

Full attack visibility at a glance

  • Provides unparalleled alert context and visibility
  • Unravels an entire attack in one easy-to-grasp process tree enriched with contextual and threat intelligence data
  • Prevention events are reported using detailed terminology from the MITRE ATT&CK framework to pinpoint the exact tactics and techniques being used
Falcon prevent process tree

Protection everywhere

  • Purpose-built in the cloud to eliminate complexity and simplify deployment across an organization’s entire estate of endpoints
  • Broad platform support including Windows, Windows Server, macOS and Linux
  • Lightweight Falcon agent running on each endpoint includes all the prevention technologies required to protect the endpoint, whether it is online or offline
  • Covers the numerous gaps that are often left by legacy AV solutions
Falcon prevent hosts interface

Simple, fast and lightweight

  • Cloud-native platform operates without constant signature updates, complex integrations or on-premises equipment
  • CrowdStrike’s design enables the industry's fastest deployment and instant operationalization - without requiring a reboot
  • Minimal CPU overhead does not impact system performance and end-user productivity
Falcon prevent usage

Customers trust CrowdStrike

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CrowdStrike vs.
the competition

It starts with better technology and expertise. It ends with better protection. CrowdStrike’s cloud native platform and single lightweight agent provide the flexibility and visibility others can’t match. Add in our 24/7 threat hunters and world class intelligence and you get an unrivaled solution. See why we lead, and they follow.

Tested and proven leader

CrowdStrike is proud to be recognized a leader by industry analyst and independent testing organizations.

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Read the report to see why CrowdStrike was Named a “Leader” in Forrester Wave for Endpoint Detection and Response Providers, Q2 2022.

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Read the press release to learn why CrowdStrike was named a Customers’ Choice vendor in the 2021 Gartner Peer Insights Report for EPP.