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Intelligence Powers Everything We Do

In today's threat environment it takes people, processes, technology AND intelligence to protect against sophisticated and persistent attacks. Threat intelligence is no longer a "nice to have" — it is a mandatory element in stopping breaches and fundamental to the CrowdStrike approach.


Get Ahead. Stay Ahead.

CrowdStrike's Global Intelligence team tracks adversaries of all types — nation-state, criminal, hacktivist, and activist — providing the customized and actionable intelligence you need.

Develop insights into the tools, tactics, and procedures of adversary groups

Get context on how global events may affect your organization’s security

Diagnose incidents more efficiently & effectively

Prevent damage from advanced malware and targeted attacks

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Strategic, Customized and
Actionable Intelligence


Profiling of 70+ adversaries to provide in-depth technical analysis of their capabilities, motives, and tradecraft.


Optimize your resources to determine targeted versus commodity attacks, saving time and focusing your response efforts on the most critical threats.


Leverage our world-class intelligence team to make informed decisions and better protect your organization from targeted attacks.


Improve your ability to take decisive action against emerging threats with timely, thorough reports and API feeds.

Meet the Latest Adversaries

Get to know the newest and most active threat actors tracked and named by CrowdStrike

Turbine Panda
Turbine Panda

Turbine Panda is an adversary believed to be operating out of the People's Republic of China. This group focuses primarily on intelligence collection against organizations in the aerospace sector, including those developing and operating aviation technology for both civilian and defense purposes. The majority of the targeted organizations are located in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe.

Region: China
Rocket Kitten
Rocket Kitten

Rocket Kitten is an adversary group that is suspected to operate out of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Their primary targets are Israeli organizations adjacent to the defense and space sector, Western governments, and minorities as well as political opponents in and outside of Iran.

Region: Iran
Berserk Bear
Berserk Bear

The Berserk Bear adversary group has strong ties to Moscow, Russia as well as technical and operational overlaps with other likely Russian state-sponsored groups such as Energetic Bear, Team Bear and Voodoo Bear. The targeting profile of the group observed by CrowdStrike appears to align very closely with the likely collection priorities of Russian intelligence services.

Region: Russia

Intelligence Offerings
Designed to Meet Your Needs

Falcon Intelligence


A tactical intelligence service focused on delivering a technical feed to help organizations better defend themselves against adversary activity.

  • Actor and Indicator API access
  • Maltego transforms
  • Limited web portal access to adversary profiles

Falcon Intelligence


Premium threat intelligence offering for organizations that place high value on having comprehensive intel to ensure uninterrupted business operations.

  • Actor and Indicator API access
  • Maltego transforms
  • Full web portal access to all reports
  • Tailored intel
  • Ability to submit malware for analysis
  • Expert access