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Cyber Intelligence Subscription Offerings

Standard Cyber Intelligence

Tactical threat intelligence for both nation-state actors and eCrime actors

Premium Cyber Intelligence

Subscriptions come in three configurations:

Premium - Targeted Intrusion

Tactical, strategic, and operational threat intelligence on Targeted Intrusion adversaries and their campaigns (Nation-State and Hacktivist threat actors)
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Premium - eCrime

Tactical, strategic, and operational threat intelligence on eCrime adversaries and their campaigns
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Premium - both eCrime and Targeted Intrusion

Tactical, strategic, and operational threat intelligence for all of the adversaries Falcon Intelligence tracks

The failure with most cyber security and risk management programs is that too much emphasis is placed on the technical aspects of a particular threat vs. a broader examination of an adversary’s motivations and their tools, tactics and procedures (TTPs).

Understanding an adversary's TTPs is essential for effective defense and cyber security operations. And so is the ability to easily consume emerging threat intelligence into your existing infrastructure and process.

As a pioneer in adversary analysis, CrowdStrike’s Falcon Intelligence offers an in-depth and historical understanding of adversaries, their campaigns, and their motivations. As a result, CrowdStrike’s threat intelligence provides the strategic, operational, and tactical guidance security teams need to stop breaches and maximize the effectiveness of their existing defense infrastructure.

Falcon Intelligence

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Falcon Cyber Intelligence Subscription Types

Targeted Intrusion  
Actor i Query, search and investigate 70+ adversary actor profiles.
Indicator i Query, search and analyze threat indicators and artifacts such as file hashes, domains, IP addresses, email addresses/subjects, etc.
Reports i Query, search and review reports, news articles and notices via document name, target country, target industry, or any number of descriptors.   eCrime Only Targeted Intrusion + Hacktivism
Tailored Intelligence i Receive alerts based on specified keywords you select within the forums Falcon Intelligence tracks.  
Maltego Transforms i Integrate Falcon Intelligence data with the Maltego Chlorine app and use custom Maltego transforms to explore indicators, as well as to make associations between these artifacts and the assets and activity on your network. (Separate Maltego license required.)
Feeds/Rules i Orchestrate an intelligence-driven defense. CrowdStrike’s threat intelligence delivers automated and instantaneous remediation across your security infrastructure with updated IDS signatures, SIEM correlation rules, and more, in a variety of formats (Yara, Snort, CEF, etc).   eCrime Only Targeted Intrusion + Hacktivism
Requests for Information (RFIs)  
Malware Analysis i Premium customers can submit malware samples directly within the Falcon Intelligence Portal and receive instant feedback on submitted samples. Additionally, Premium customers can receive customized technical analysis on malware samples they submit. Custom, In-Depth Custom, In-Depth Custom, In-Depth
Portal Access i Standard customers receive access to Actor Profiles only. Premium customers can access Actor Profiles and Feeds, as well as Strategic and Technical Reports, Notices and Alerts. Limited to Actor Profiles Unlimited eCrime Access Targeted Intrusion + Hacktivism Unlimited Access

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Features & Benefits


The CrowdStrike Falcon Intelligence team examines and analyzes multiple public and private sources across all aspects of intelligence, with a focus on identifying adversary intent and their tools, tactics and procedures (TTPs).

Adversary Profiling
& Campaign Tracking

The team’s comprehensive campaign tracking approach offers a full picture of how particular adversaries launch attacks, along with their social, demographic, and technical TTPs, to provide the cyber intelligence you need for effective decision making, proactive asset protection and strong defense.

Consumable by Humans
& Enterprise Systems

Falcon Cyber Intelligence alerts and reports provide the strategic, operational and tactical intelligence you need to stop breaches, along with APIs that provide the integration you need to automate remediation, enhance security monitoring, and accelerate incident response and forensic investigations.


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