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Integrate Threat intelligence into endpoint detection and response

Within minutes, detect and eliminate potential threats targeting your organization through instant, intelligence-driven detections that can span across distributed endpoints in fine detail such as changes to registry settings, file removals, running processes, and other mitigations.

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Accelerate Incident Response & Investigations

Access in-depth information regarding which adversaries are likely to target you and why, how they’ll make these attempts, and what you can do to protect your organization against these attacks. All of this helps you respond faster, and reduces the overall number of incidents and their impact.

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Enhance Security Monitoring & Operations

Integrating technical threat intelligence directly into your gateways, IDSes, NGFWs, and endpoints, enhances your ability to detect emerging and advanced attacks, and automatically defend against them.

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See, Analyze and Interact with Emerging Threat Data

You can’t fight an adversary you can’t see. Additionally, it’s extremely challenging to conduct an effective forensic investigation without analyzing all of the relationships that exist among artifacts and evidence. Data visualization can help unlock the answers you need to mount an effective defense strategy.

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Empower Executive Decision Making & Corporate Due Diligence

Executive decision making comes down to effective risk management: identifying and weighing the risk-reward equation for each business outcome, and then selecting the one that offers the greatest certainty for the highest reward. This means you need to take calculated risks, informed by reliable threat intelligence.

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Falcon Intelligence

Intelligence Driven, Adaptive Security

Industry research shows that the mean time to investigate and contain data breaches ranges from 158 to 256 days. Yet, data breaches can occur within minutes. In order to outpace your adversary, you need to understand their motives, anticipate their actions, and prevent them from causing damage to your organization.

And the best way to do that is by integrating real-time threat intelligence throughout your infrastructure (from the gateway to the endpoint, and everywhere in between) so that you can automatically detect, respond, and contain every attack before it impacts your business.

Adaptive Defense Powered by Cyber Security Expertise

Our Threat Intelligence Team is comprised of dozens of intelligence analysts covering a wide range of specialties, including being well-versed in languages, cultural, social, geo-political and economics, as well as technical cyber security skills, programming, and security research.

We convert that expertise into tactical alerts, strategic reports, and machine-consumable content for automated security in blocking attacks, hardening endpoints, and fine-tuning security.


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