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Welcome to the CrowdStrike Falcon prevent free trial

This is your chance to test Falcon for 15 days and see
what a difference it can make over your current antivirus solution.

Test Falcon Prevent

For this trial, CrowdStrike will issue you a full Falcon Prevent license that you can use on your own machine, a pilot group, or for everyone in your organization. We encourage you to take full advantage and test as many of your business use cases as possible.

CrowdStrike Falcon is 100% cloud delivered, so you won’t have to install management software or databases. You can quickly download our tiny sensor and get started.

CrowdStrike currently supports Google Chrome browser for use with the Falcon UI. The Falcon Prevent free trial is tailored for Windows systems. Contact us if you’d like to test on other operating systems.

Follow the Trial Guide

If you need ideas on how to get started, we provide a full Trial Guide with six key use cases. These areas highlight how easy Falcon Prevent is to install, how quickly it can protect you from malware and advanced threats, and how much better its performance is over legacy antivirus solutions.

Safely Test Real Threats

If you are not set up to experiment with live malware and exploits, we have you covered. We understand that testing the efficacy of an AV solution is not something to be taken lightly, so instead of just giving you generic advice to "do this in a safe environment", we are giving you access to a secure, cloud-based malware testing lab.

Make the Business Case

After you’re finished with your testing, you will have access to a full set of resources to help build a business case to replace your current AV with CrowdStrike Falcon Prevent. If at any point during this trial you are ready to buy, have any questions, or run into any roadblocks, please reach out to us and our dedicated sales team will help you move forward.