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Incident Response

Recovery and Remediation Starts on Day One

We Get You Back To Business Faster

Need Immediate Assistance?

Our incident response team accelerates the speed of remediation by providing the most comprehensive view into attacker activity so you can resume business operations faster.

Identify how attackers are accessing your environment

Determine how to mitigate attacker's existing access

Track future actions and prevent future access

Remediation that Starts Immediately

The Falcon Breach Prevention Platform enables CrowdStrike Services to start remediation on Day One to identify attackers and eject them from your environment.

What is incident response

Discover the CrowdStrike Approach

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Incident Response:
The CrowdStrike Approach

Don't leave the door open for additional data loss by spending months of time conducting forensics and analysis.

CrowdStrike's approach leverages endpoint technology and threat intelligence to pinpoint the cause and source of an attack quickly, significantly decreasing time to remediation.

Need Immediate Assistance?

Get Complete Visibility

Quickly gain visibility into the full incident, lock down credentials, and limit access.

Leverage Threat Intelligence

Understand who is on your network and why, to improve your response to current and future attacks.

Start Remediation On Day One

Don't wait for days or weeks for equipment to arrive — get back to business faster.

Why CrowdStrike Services?

CrowdStrike's next-generation IR approach, coupled with leading endpoint protection technology and integrated threat intelligence, provides better protection and faster remediation.



Remediation planning and execution begins on day one.

What Does This Mean For You?

You can accelerate recovery time and begin remediation at the start of an engagement. Easily deployed cloud-based technology and integrated intelligence provides incident details on day one.


CrowdStrike Falcon provides endpoint visibility and real-time Indicators of Attack (IOA) within moments of starting an investigation.

What Does This Mean For You?

You do not have to wait to deploy hardware. On day one, CrowdStrike Falcon allows you to lock down credentials and limit access to prevent additional damage from taking place during the investigation.


CrowdStrike’s integrated intelligence provides context and attribution during an investigation – letting you know the why, what, and when.

What Does This Mean For You?

Your remediation plan leverages detailed threat intelligence of 70+ adversary groups. Indicators are broadly shared during an engagement and in-depth intelligence is available through CrowdStrike Falcon and to our expert consultants — empowering you to better protect what matters most and to prioritize your security resources and efforts.

Other IR Firms


Remediation planning leads to the development and delivery of plans, without mention of time to execution

What Does This Mean For You?

Your remediation may need to wait until after equipment has been shipped, technology has been deployed, a full investigation has taken place, and a comprehensive remediation plan is delivered, considered, and implemented.


Other IR firms often leverage hardware-based technology that relies on time-intensive IOC scanning.

What Does This Mean For You?

You have access to endpoint data only after hardware has been deployed and scans have taken place. Endpoint visibility is a snapshot in time versus a continuous real-time view of your network activity.


Threat intelligence provides identification of attack groups — allowing for prioritization during an incident response engagement.

What Does This Mean For You?

You have access to identifying information regarding attacker groups, but the lack of detailed attribution information leaves methods and motives in question. Intelligence allows incident responders to prioritize and investigate suspected incidents, but indicators are not widely shared.


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