CrowdStrike Falcon OverWatch Elite:
Tailored Threat Hunting Vigilance, Insights and Expertise

Dive deeper into CrowdStrike’s global threat hunting operations with tailored insights and specialized threat hunting experts who work in lockstep with your team to deliver unique attack insights and personalized support.

Why Choose Falcon OverWatch Elite

Focus on what matters most

Track your organization’s unique threat profile through tailored threat environment analysis and personalized guidance from your assigned threat hunting experts.

Respond with speed and confidence

CrowdStrike® Falcon OverWatch™️ Elite ensures you act fast to new and emerging attacks, providing proactive outreach to unacknowledged alerts, secure always-on communications, and strategic guidance. Ensure your team is informed, ready and waiting to take decisive action against any attack to strike next.

Improve continuously

Work with Falcon OverWatch Elite experts as a natural extension of your own team; receive expert coaching, exclusive research content and tailored threat briefings and advisories to level up your in-house threat hunting and SOC operations.

Falcon OverWatch Elite features

CrowdStrike threat hunting, tailored to you

  • Assigned experts. Falcon OverWatch Elite analysts are committed to knowing you, your organization, and your unique threat environment.
  • Contextualized analysis and insight. Prepare for what’s next with the help of Falcon OverWatch Elite. Identify attack surface gaps and vulnerabilities, stay on top of threat trends relevant to you and learn how to detect and disrupt novel adversary tactics impacting your organization.
  • Laser focus. Develop a shared understanding of your organization’s unique structure, priorities and risks to deliver more relevant threat hunting insights and, ultimately, more effective security outcomes.

Strategic threat hunting advisory

  • Proactive outreach. If you don’t acknowledge an alert within 60 minutes, Falcon OverWatch Elite will reach out to ensure you’re aware of critical, fast-breaking threats.
  • Tailored threat hunting. Develop, operationalize, and tune Falcon OverWatch threat hunting activities and outputs to optimize your own internal threat hunting and security operations.
  • Secure communications. Get direct, on-demand access to Falcon OverWatch Elite expertise via multiple channels, including email and Slack.
  • Expert threat hunt coaching. Develop a personalized strategy for hunting advanced threats most likely to target your organization.
  • Exclusive Falcon OverWatch Elite research and webcasts. Get customer-only access to advanced research and the quarterly threat hunting briefings, “From the Eyes of OverWatch Elite” webcasts that cover novel attack trends, shifts in adversary TTPs and in-depth case studies of real-world intrusions.

2022 Falcon OverWatch Threat Hunting Report

Discover the deep research and analysis that Falcon OverWatch threat hunters perform daily. Learn why Falcon OverWatch observed:

  • 50% year-over-year increase in interactive intrusions
  • 71% of threats detected by the Falcon platform were malware-free
  • The average eCrime breakout time is down to 1 hour and 24 minutes

The OverWatch Elite advantage

Do more with Falcon OverWatch Elite


CrowdStrike Falcon OverWatch

Global, 24/7 threat hunters proactively hunt hidden and advanced attacks throughout customer environments, rapidly alerting all potentially impacted organizations to new malicious activity when it’s uncovered.

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CrowdStrike Falcon OverWatch Elite

Falcon OverWatch Elite expands the basic Falcon OverWatch offering by introducing an assigned threat response analyst to help your organization both understand the threats that are most likely to target it and how best to prepare and respond to them.

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  • Cross-disciplinary expertise tooltip
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  • Personalized guidance, insights and support tooltip
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  • Tailored hunting assessments and reports tooltip
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Falcon OverWatch

Falcon OverWatch Elite

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