Falcon Intelligence Recon: Digital Risk Protection

Take action against threats happening beyond the perimeter and strengthen protection for your organization’s brand, identities and sensitive data.

Falcon Intelligence Recon Offerings

CrowdStrike Falcon® Intelligence Recon

Falcon Intelligence Recon enables security teams to track adversaries and their activities outside the network perimeter. Choose this to extend protection against data leaks and targeted attacks.

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CrowdStrike Falcon® Intelligence Recon+

Includes everything in Falcon Intelligence Recon, but everything is managed by CrowdStrike’s team of experts. Choose this to gain access to the expertise you need to battle sophisticated adversaries.

  • Monitor the criminal underground
  • Identify exposed confidential data
  • Discover domain impersonations
  • Assign, track and manage alerts
  • Adversary profiles
  • Vulnerability intelligence
  • Discover external attack vectors
  • Cybercrime activity reports
  • Assigned CrowdStrike expert
  • Managed rule monitoring
  • Alert triage and assessments
  • Mitigation recommendations
  • Updates and threat breifings
  • Takedown support

Falcon Intelligence Recon

Falcon Intelligence Recon+


Take action on threats beyond the perimeter


Gain visibility into the cybercriminal underground

Gain broad visibility across the criminal ecosystem by identifying exposed data, domain abuse, exploit usage and chatter on underground forums.


Understand your threat profile

Identify which technologies have the highest risk of being exploited and understand the latest cybercrime trends that may affect your business.


Expose imminent risk

Gain early discovery of emerging threats related to your organization's brand, employees and sensitive data.

Falcon Intelligence Recon features

Gain visibility beyond the perimeter

  • Safely access hundreds of criminal forums, marketplaces and underground communities
  • Discover impersonated domain names used for phishing or to deliver malicious content
  • Identify reputational and third-party risks emanating from leaked credentials, PII and financial data
  • View underground chatter that could pose a cyber or physical risk to your organization and personnel
  • Gain visibility into potential attack vectors

Understand the adversary

  • Investigate adversaries and their behaviors using MITRE ATT&CK navigation.
  • View vulnerabilities by exploit status, related actors and products.
  • Gain access to daily and weekly eCrime reports
  • Understand criminal forum trends and be alerted to new activity
  • Translate posts from over 18 languages into English using augmented translation with hacker slang dictionaries.

Take decisive action

  • Easy-to-use wizards help set up monitoring of organizational specific digital assets, brand names, executives, domains, vulnerabilities and more.
  • Quickly drill into critical alerts for further research. Review exposed data such as usernames, passwords, confidential data, and information on organizational assets
  • Examine discovered malicious domain details with IP’s, Name Servers, MX records, SSL Certificates, Whois Records
  • Assign notifications to users inside or outside the security team. Track workload and status
  • Integrate notifications into third-party ticketing systems, SIEMs and SOARs with an easy to use REST API

Falcon Intelligence Recon+

Includes everything in Falcon Intelligence Recon, but we manage it for you.


Relevant cybercrime insights

Falcon Intelligence Recon+ includes the technology and expertise required to identify threats to your organization across the vast cybercriminal underground.


Deep expertise

Gain direct access to a CrowdStrike expert with a multi year background in identifying and mitigating threats to organizations, brands and sensitive data.


Takedown assistance

CrowdStrike helps prepare and facilitate the takedown of fraudulent accounts, phishing websites, domains, and malicious posts that can potentially harm your business.

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CrowdStrike Falcon® Intelligence

Automatically investigate incidents and accelerate alert triage and response. Built into the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform, it is operational in seconds.

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CrowdStrike Falcon® Intelligence Premium

Premium adds threat intelligence reporting and research from CrowdStrike experts — enabling you to more effectively mitigate sophisticated nation-state, eCrime and hacktivist attacks.


CrowdStrike Falcon® Intelligence Elite

Elite is a force multiplier that expands your team’s capabilities with access to an assigned CrowdStrike Intel Analyst.

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