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M&A Cyber Risk Assessment

Identify and minimize cybersecurity risks before a merger or acquisition

CrowdStrike gets the Right Answers to the Right Questions—Before the Transaction

Assessing an M&A partner’s cybersecurity posture: the essential step to uncover potential cybersecurity risks

Every merger or acquisition scenario poses significant risks. You would never purchase a house without an inspection: why invest millions or billions of dollars in a business without thoroughly assessing its cybersecurity posture? Vetting the cybersecurity readiness of the companies involved — including third-party organizations involved in the transaction, such as law firms and financial services — should be a standard element of M&A or investment activity prior to integrating networks or IT infrastructure.

Leveraging CrowdStrike Falcon to gain near-immediate visibility into endpoint activity in both the client and third-party environments, CrowdStrike’s M&A assessment methodology uncovers the cyber risks that are commonly associated with a merger or an acquisition where an acquiring company may:

Inherit massive liabilities if the prospective partner’s environment has been breached and customer data has been pilfered.

Incur the risk of adversaries gaining access to your business-critical systems by merging your network and IT systems with a partner organization that has cyber vulnerabilities.

Face significant unforeseen investments to bring the partner organization’s security controls up to an acceptable level.

Already have vulnerabilities that can be exploited during the transition to gain access to sensitive data.

Our goal: provide you the right answers to the right questions prior to the transaction.

M&A Cybersecurity Risks

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