Adversary Emulation Exercise

Simulate a targeted attack by a real-world threat actor to test your defenses with a CrowdStrike®️ Adversary Emulation Exercise.

The challenge

Adversaries are constantly evolving their attack tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), and organizations must make sure they are ready for a targeted attack. The ability to withstand one attack doesn’t mean you have the tools to withstand another. Organizations face the following challenges:

Failure to detect sophisticated attacks

Attackers can go undetected for long periods of time, so organizations need to continuously test their security team’s ability to detect and respond to today’s sophisticated, targeted attacks.

Ineffective security controls

Organizations need to validate that their current security controls and processes are effective against today’s evolving adversary TTPs.

Security gaps

Adversaries can quickly exploit vulnerabilities and achieve lateral movement across your network, and you need to identify gaps in your current security posture to understand how an attacker may breach your network.

Are you ready for a targeted attack?

Preparing for today’s sophisticated targeted attacks is a critical step in your cybersecurity strategy.

  • Simulate a targeted attack (red team exercise)
  • Using real-world threat actor tactics
  • Informed by the latest threat intelligence
  • Test your security defenses

The benefits of Adversary Emulation

  • Test your response to targeted attacks
    An Adversary Emulation Exercise allows your organization to test your security team against the latest threats posing the greatest risk to your industry.
  • Test the effectiveness of security controls
    A focus on objective-based testing demonstrates the effectiveness of your security controls and incident response processes.
  • Evaluate your maturity level
    Measure your organization’s cybersecurity maturity level by evaluating it across the phases of the MITRE ATT&CK® framework.

What CrowdStrike delivers

Once the exercise concludes, you receive:

  • An adversary attack overview
    Documented proof of how a targeted attacker could penetrate your network and compromise sensitive assets, and/or documentation showing what defensive capabilities succeeded in preventing the simulated attack
  • Recommendations for Improvement
    An analysis of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses to help you prioritize future investments and provide recommendations on how to further mature your cybersecurity
  • Analysis and observations
    The opportunity to meet with the CrowdStrike team and discuss your organization’s detection and response capabilities during the targeted attack emulation

Experienced a breach?

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Why CrowdStrike?

In-depth expertise

The CrowdStrike Services Red Team has extensive adversary emulation and penetration testing experience, giving you real-world attack scenarios that highlight the weaknesses in your defenses.

Threat intelligence

The CrowdStrike Falcon® platform and Services incident response investigations are leveraged to create adversary attack emulations using the latest TTPs being used against other organizations in your industry.

The right approach

The CrowdStrike Red Team focuses on objective-based testing to demonstrate the business impact of a lack of security controls, going beyond simply elevating privileges to show what attackers can do with a greater level of access.