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Avoiding the Cyber Security Blindside: Cardinal Innovation’s CIO Talks Endpoint Protection

One of the greatest challenges faced by information security teams is how to protect your organization, your data, and your customers from the threats that can’t be seen. Traditionally, companies have tried to protect their most valuable assets by layering defenses to mitigate the known threats and provide for the possibility that the unknown threats might eventually get picked up by one of the layers of security protection.

But for Pete Murphy, CIO of Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Solutions, hoping that attacks didn’t happen and that there weren’t adversaries inside their systems already was simply not an acceptable cyber defense strategy. With healthcare data replacing credit card data as the most valuable information for cyber attackers, healthcare companies, like Cardinal Innovations, are prime targets and Pete and his team knew they needed to do more than continue to update signatures and add another anti-virus solution.

In the short video above, Pete Murphy describes the process that led Cardinal Innovations to the CrowdStrike Falcon Platform. While Murphy suspected that the layered defense posture they had been pursuing was still vulnerable to adversary attacks, deploying CrowdStrike Falcon showed just how little visibility he and his team had into their network and, in particular, what was happening on their endpoints.

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