CrowdStrike and Google Cloud Expand Strategic Partnership to Deliver Unified Cloud Security

At this year’s Google Cloud Next, CrowdStrike announced an expanded partnership with Google Cloud and a growing list of innovations built to protect cloud environments from modern adversaries and stop breaches.

CrowdStrike and Google Cloud today debuted an expanded strategic partnership with a series of announcements that demonstrate our ability to stop cloud breaches with industry-leading AI-powered protection. These new features and integrations are built to protect Google Cloud and multi-cloud customers against adversaries that are increasingly targeting cloud environments.

At a time when cloud intrusions are up 75% year-over-year and adversaries continue to gain speed and stealth, organizations must adjust their security strategies to stay ahead. They need a unified security platform that removes complexity and empowers security and DevOps teams. As organizations navigate the evolving threat and technology landscapes, they turn to providers like CrowdStrike for best-in-class protection from code to cloud, delivered through a unified platform.

Today we are announcing that CrowdStrike is bringing industry-leading breach protection with integrated offerings like CrowdStrike Falcon® Cloud Security, CrowdStrike Falcon® Next-Gen SIEM, CrowdStrike Falcon® Identity Protection and CrowdStrike Falcon endpoint protection bundles as preferred vendor products on Google Cloud Marketplace, accelerating time-to-value and our unified platform adoption for all Google Cloud customers. Now, more businesses than ever will have access to industry-leading security to protect their growing environments from the most advanced threats they face.

But that’s not all. CrowdStrike is innovating and leading to address the critical cloud security needs of today’s organizations by empowering them with unified visibility across their cloud environments, industry-leading threat detection and response, the ability to secure the application life cycle and prioritize remediation, and shift-left capabilities to prevent security issues early in development. Together with Google, we’re bringing these benefits to Google Cloud customers to stop breaches and protect their cloud environments from modern threats.

Below are some key announcements we’re excited to make at Google Cloud Next ’24.

Deeper Integrations

CrowdStrike Supports Google Cloud Run: CrowdStrike is providing support for organizations seeking to pair Google Cloud Run with Falcon Cloud Security. Today, we’re announcing deeper integrations and support for Google Cloud Run. Customers using Google Cloud Run to automatically scale containerized workloads and build container images will be able to secure those processes with Falcon Cloud Security, expanding their coverage and gaining world-class security at the speed of DevOps.

CrowdStrike Supports GKE Autopilot: Falcon Cloud Security now supports Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) Autopilot, a critical automation tool for Kubernetes cluster deployments. Organizations operating with lean teams and resources can use GKE Autopilot and Falcon Cloud Security to identify critical risks, remediate them faster and run their business more efficiently.

Faster Breach Protection 

OS Configuration Support: Falcon Cloud Security will be able to support a single-click agent deployment to customers in Google Cloud with OS Config support. This support provides customers with a simple way to deploy the CrowdStrike Falcon® sensor across Google Cloud workloads for real-time visibility and breach protection in the cloud.

Figure 1. Falcon Cloud Security’s OS Config agent deployment process made easy

Enhanced Productivity

Falcon Cloud Security Kubernetes Admission Controller: Falcon Cloud Security is now the only cloud security tool on the market with a Kubernetes admission controller as part of a complete code-to-cloud, cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP). Kubernetes admission controllers simplify the lives of DevSecOps teams by preventing non-compliant containers from deploying and allowing DevSecOps teams to easily stop frustrating crash loops — which cost developers and security teams valuable time — without writing complex Rego rules.

Figure 2. Falcon Cloud Security’s Kubernetes admission controller policies screen


Google Workspace Bundles: CrowdStrike is now providing support to secure the millions of customers using the Google Workspace productivity suite with CrowdStrike’s leading endpoint security and next-generation antivirus protection.

Figure 3. Falcon Cloud Security containers dashboard

CrowdStrike: Built to Protect Businesses in the Cloud

Our expanded strategic alliance with Google marks a significant milestone for cloud security. The powerful combination of AI-powered cloud services from Google Cloud and the unified protection and threat hunting capabilities of the AI-native CrowdStrike Falcon platform provides the security that organizations need to stop breaches in multi-cloud and multi-vendor environments.

As cloud threats and technology continue to evolve, staying ahead of threats is paramount. Modern businesses need a powerful and leading ally to protect their cloud-based resources, applications and data as their reliance on cloud technology continues to grow. This industry-defining synergy between CrowdStrike and Google Cloud — both leaders in their own right — will shape the future of cloud technology and security, setting a new standard for protecting today’s cloud environments.

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