CrowdStrike Falcon® Awarded AV-Comparatives Approved Business Security Product for the Second Time in 2021

  • CrowdStrike Falcon® receives second half-year award for Approved Business Security Product from AV-Comparatives in 2021
  • This marks the tenth consecutive Approved Business Security Product award from AV-Comparatives since 2016
  • CrowdStrike Falcon® achieves the highest 99.9% protection rate, demonstrating its ability to protect against real-world threats using the power of machine learning and behavioral detection
  • CrowdStrike remains committed to transparency and visibility into our technology by participating in independent tests from leading third-party organizations

CrowdStrike Falcon Pro™ has won another Approved Business Security Product award from AV-Comparatives, the second in 2021, scoring the highest 99.9% protection rate in the AV-Comparatives Real-World Protection Test. AV-Comparatives is a leading independent third-party testing organization that tests the efficacy of endpoint security solutions to offer insight into how endpoint security solutions detect and protect against real-world threats.

Falcon has consistently achieved a track record of success in independent testing, demonstrating the ability to protect business users from malware using the power of machine learning and behavioral detection. The Falcon platform achieved zero false positives on common business software in this recent AV-Comparatives evaluation, showing that it can help organizations avoid business disruptions related to cyberattacks and spend less time, effort and money on interruptions from automated remediation procedures that incorrectly identify legitimate applications as malicious.

This recent award marks CrowdStrike’s tenth consecutive Approved Business Security Product award from AV-Comparatives since 2016. The latest testing results and award were published in the second half-year report from AV-Comparative’s Business Main-Test Series of 2021.

AV-Comparatives Testing Methodology and Results

AV-Comparative’s second half-year report of the Business Main-Test Series of 2021 released in December consists of three parts: Business Real-World Protection Test (August-November), Business Malware Protection Test (September) and Business Performance Test (November). 

The Business Real-World Protection Test aims to mimic real-world conditions for malware and threats, such as drive-by exploits that trigger the download and installation of malicious software and URLs such as spammed links. The dynamic nature of this testing scenario makes the Business Real-World Protection Test one of the most relevant assessments of the efficacy of endpoint security solutions. 

 The test attempts to replicate conditions in which social engineering techniques trick business users into opening fraudulent or malicious links, installing malware, or downloading malicious software. The test set consisted of 751 test cases (such as malicious URLs) from the beginning of August until the end of November 2021.

CrowdStrike Falcon® scored the highest 99.9% protection rate against real-world threats, demonstrating the power of machine learning and behavioral detection in protecting business users. 

The Business Malware Protection Test, conducted throughout September 2021, assesses an endpoint security solution’s ability to detect and reverse all changes made by malware before, during and after execution. The test used 1,016 recent malware samples to assess if the tested endpoint security solutions could protect systems from infection. 

Testing for false positives is an essential part of this test. Any automated remediation procedure triggered on common business software incorrectly tagged as malicious can lead to severe business disruptions. Further, downtime caused by false positives can directly impact the total cost of ownership for an endpoint security solution due to costs associated with person-hours spent on bringing systems back into production. 

CrowdStrike Falcon® achieved a 99.4% Malware Protection Rate with zero false alarms on common business software during the Business Malware Protection Test, demonstrating its excellent automated detection, protection and remediation capabilities.

The Business Performance Test conducted throughout November 2021 aims to assess the system performance of endpoint security solutions during common daily activities.

Part of AV-Comparative’s performance testing methodology involves file copying, archiving and unarchiving; installing and launching applications; downloading files; and browsing websites. CrowdStrike Falcon® achieved a strong performance score, demonstrating minimum performance impact on protected endpoints. 

The Most Tested Next-Generation Endpoint Protection Platform

CrowdStrike remains committed to participating in independent third-party evaluations and offering visibility and transparency into our technologies. Being evaluated along with other security vendors under multiple use cases, threats and environments enables us to build relevant, meaningful and valuable capabilities into the Falcon platform to better protect organizations from threats and stop breaches. 

CrowdStrike is the most tested next-generation endpoint protection platform and has continually outperformed both legacy and next-generation vendors in third-party testing and industry validations throughout 2021. Falcon has also achieved public testing parity in AV-Comparatives 2021 evaluations by protecting businesses from real-world Windows and macOS malware, winning four consecutive Approved Security product awards for Mac. 

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