Wyoming State Government Protects Against Cyberattacks With the CrowdStrike Falcon Platform [VIDEO]

This video features IT professionals from the Wyoming Department of Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) discussing their experiences with the CrowdStrike® Falcon® platform. ETS is responsible for supporting and maintaining computer services across the executive branch of the Wyoming state government, as well as judicial and legislative branches.

ETS CIO and Director Tony Young says that the commitments of his department extend beyond keeping hardware, software and network services operating smoothly. “A huge part of the obligation and duties of ETS is to protect citizens and their data and the state and its operations from cyber activity, malicious hackers, rogue states and activists.”

With that in mind, ETS evaluated and chose the CrowdStrike Falcon platform, deploying it across their enterprise to protect over 10,000 users. As this video illustrates — the results have been exceptional. In fact, after the proof of concept CrowdStrike conducted with ETS, some state leaders chose to give up budget line items to help procure the Falcon platform.

ETS found that not only does the platform deploy quickly and easily to protect all their endpoints and data, Falcon OverWatch™ managed hunting augments their IT security staff with 24/7/365 proactive services. As Young explained, “The CrowdStrike OverWatch team watches over everything that occurs on our network and can give us not only detection but also protection and avoidance. For us to replicate that without that partnership would require the hiring of anywhere from six to 10 new full-time employees.”

In this video, you’ll hear Director Young and other members of his team discuss numerous advantages they’ve experienced since deploying CrowdStrike Falcon comprehensive endpoint protection, including its ease of use and centralized management; how the lightweight Falcon agent enhances network performance while improving end-user experience; and how CrowdStrike’s cloud-native architecture and advanced features have helped future-proof the Wyoming state government against an ever-evolving threat landscape.

For more details, download the case study: State of Wyoming Trusts CrowdStrike to Help Support Economic Development and Protect Citizens and Staff From Cyber Threats.

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