CrowdStrike Falcon® for Mobile
Advanced mobile security by the industry leader in endpoint protection

Defend your business against mobile threats by extending EDR/XDR to Android and iOS devices.

Small screens, big attacks


of mobile devices have access to more sensitive data than a year ago1


of organizations have recently experienced a mobile-related compromise1


of mobile phishing attacks occur outside of email and in other mobile vectors2

Why choose Falcon for Mobile?

Advanced protection against mobile attacks

Stay ahead of threats with an adversary-focused approach to protect your organization from accidental data leakage, credential theft, and lateral movement stemming from mobile attack vectors.

Natively integrated with industry-leading EDR/XDR

Accelerate detection and response by extending CrowdStrike’s #1 rated EDR/XDR to mobile endpoints. Get a complete picture of all endpoint activity from a single, centralized console and uncover suspicious activity by enriching mobile event telemetry with integrated, world-class threat intelligence.

Seamless adoption that delivers peace of mind

Onboard your mobile fleet of Android and iOS devices fast with support for zero-touch enrollment and built-in integrations with widely used unified endpoint management tools (UEMs). Falcon for Mobile provides mobile threat defense for both supervised and unsupervised mobile fleets, with privacy controls that protect sensitive data and minimize local resource consumption.

Key capabilities


Detect sophisticated attacks

Detect suspicious activity across mobile attack vectors to prevent phishing attacks across texts/SMS, emails, browsers, QR codes and more. Block malicious links from unauthorized IPs and domains and expose mobile malware, network interference, spoofing, jailbroken devices, insider threats or accidental exposure of sensitive data.

Automate threat response and prevention

Take immediate action with built-in blocklisting of malicious IPs to automate response and reduce your risk exposure. With CrowdStrike Falcon® Fusion (SOAR), build and orchestrate custom workflows to scale your team’s output and accelerate incident response.

Zero-touch enrollment for fast and easy onboarding

Enable seamless adoption by using your existing UEM and Mobile Device Management tools (MDMs) investments to deploy Falcon for Mobile. With Zero-touch enrollment, rapidly onboard your mobile fleet and automatically activate the lightweight Falcon for Mobile app.

Use the platform you know

Manage all your devices — from traditional endpoints to mobile devices — with a single, integrated platform that provides a holistic view of device activity. Monitor real-time events to prevent the risk of silent failure, and turbocharge incident triaging with the world’s leading threat intelligence.

Privacy by design

Falcon for Mobile won’t monitor your personal data, such as text messages, emails, or photos. Instead, the amount of collected data is adjusted to fit all requirements and device modes, ranging from fully managed supervised devices to bring your own devices (BYOD) with mobile app management, and even personal, completely unmanaged devices.