CrowdStrike vs. SentinelOne

Don’t settle for a point product that’s hard to deploy, impossible to manage,
and relies on a legacy detection framework.

Why customers choose
CrowdStrike vs. SentinelOne


Hard to deploy, hard to operate

SentinelOne’s heavyweight agent is difficult to deploy and maintain, requiring significant, ongoing support to tune, update, and operate. SentinelOne requires reboots on deployment for all Windows machines, including critical servers, and has no automated update process.

See the CrowdStrike difference

CrowdStrike difference

70% less hours to maintain

Our platform delivers value from day one. Our single lightweight agent deploys in minutes to hundreds of thousands of users with no reboot required and no manual tuning. CrowdStrike agents also have an automated update process, ensuring every endpoint always has the latest capabilities and protection.


Weak coverage can’t stop breaches

SentinelOne offers limited coverage based on a legacy NGAV framework, resulting in missed detections, a high rate of false positives without adversary context, and an ineffective response. In the latest MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK Evaluation: Enterprise Round 5, SentinelOne only detected 79% of threats, missing 30 sub-steps.

See the CrowdStrike difference

CrowdStrike difference

CrowdStrike stops breaches. Our platform harnesses the power of AI and industry-leading threat intelligence to stop the most sophisticated attacks, find adversaries, and deliver the best possible outcomes. CrowdStrike achieved a perfect 100% coverage across protection, visibility, and analytic detections in the MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK Enterprise Round 5 evaluation.


Not a platform

SentinelOne offers a platform that operates like point products and requires multiple consoles and agents, resulting in coverage gaps, higher cost, and complexity. Their platform lacks key cloud security modules (no natively integrated CSPM, CIEM, or ASPM), limited identity protection, an incomplete MDR, no data protection, and only offers basic log management.

See the CrowdStrike difference

CrowdStrike difference

CrowdStrike consolidates cybersecurity to reduce complexity and cost with comprehensive, industry-leading capabilities across EDR, identity, cloud security, application security posture management (ASPM), next-gen SIEM, data protection, exposure management, and threat intelligence.

Proven by MITRE

CrowdStrike dominated each of the two latest MITRE ATT&CK evaluations - one open book and one closed book - scoring highest among all vendors tested and far outpacing SentinelOne.

Figure 1. CrowdStrike detects 143 (100%) steps during the MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK Evaluation: Enterprise Round 5 with high-quality analytics (Tactic and Technique). Updated November 2023. Source

Figure 2. CrowdStrike detected 99% of adversary techniques during MITRE ATT&CK Evaluations for Managed Security Services Providers. Source

What customers say

The biggest issue related to false positives, which were disruptive to operations. In general, S1 was too resource intensive.
  • IT Vice President, Professional Services Company
It takes up more resources [than] CrowdStrike which on some of our user's machines caused some lag.
  • CTO, International Organization

Compare CrowdStrike to SentinelOne

CrowdStrike logo


CrowdStrike logo

Seamless Deployment Enables Complete Protection on Day One
Single lightweight agent deploys in minutes and is immediately operational — no reboot or tedious tuning required.


Burdensome Deployment Delays Time to Value
Full platform functionality requires multiple heavy agents, reboots on deployment, and manual exclusions due to software interoperability, with no ability to automatically update sensors.


CrowdStrike logo

Comprehensive Detection, Fewer False Positives
Superior enterprise-grade visibility and detection across on-premises, cloud, and mobile devices to discover and hunt advanced threats without drowning analysts in a deluge of false positives or a mile-long list of exclusions.


Not Equipped for Modern Threat Detection
SentinelOne’s Next-gen Antivirus-based threat detection engine struggles to detect sophisticated multi-stage attacks, fileless attacks, and attacks that do not require malicious code execution. Their detection engine is also prone to false positives.


CrowdStrike logo

Comprehensive identity threat detection and response
CrowdStrike offers unified endpoint and identity protection to stop identity-based attacks in real-time. By establishing baselines of normal user behavior, we automatically find and shutdown anomalies that indicate credential abuse.


Identity protection that can’t stop the threats that matter
SentinelOne’s identity protection requires a separate agent and console, and is blind to attacks using stolen credentials and insider threats. It lacks the identity baselining needed to understand normal user behavior and find anomalies that indicate a sophisticated attack.

Cloud Security

CrowdStrike logo

Complete cloud security, from code to runtime
CrowdStrike utilizes both agent and agentless approaches to provide a comprehensive CNAPP that protects the entire cloud estate with integrated cloud workload protection (CWP), cloud security posture management (CSPM) cloud infrastructure entitlement management (CIEM) and ASPM.


Incomplete CNAPP
SentinelOne only offers Cloud Workload Protection, and lacks natively integrated key cloud security modules for CSPM, CIEM, and ASPM.


CrowdStrike logo

Global Leader in Threat Intel
Fully integrated, world-class threat intelligence leverages the power of big data and AI, as well as human expertise, to arm teams with maximum context. Leverage a list of recently published IOCs, adversary attribution and an automated malware sandbox, all within a single user interface.


Lagging Threat Intel
Check-box threat intelligence functionality primarily built on 3rd party feeds that delivers minimum value. SentinelOne’s threat intelligence delivers a fraction of the IoCs, no adversary attribution, no adversary tactic discovery, and no integrated malware sandbox.

Managed Detection and Response

CrowdStrike logo

All-Inclusive MDR
Fastest and most powerful turnkey MDR in the market includes full-cycle remediation and requires no additional personnel resourcing. CrowdStrike had the highest detection coverage out of all participants in 2022 MITRE ATT&CK Evaluation for Managed Services.

CrowdStrike logo

Limited MDR
SentinelOne’s MDR can only provide basic remediation actions via standard agent actions without costly IR hours. Any SentinelOne MDR involvement beyond basic endpoint remediation is limited to guidance only, not action.

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Montage Health

"In healthcare, the right cybersecurity does more than save time. It saves lives."

Tahir Ali, CTO & CISO
Montage Health

Parkway School District

"When we engaged CrowdStrike it was a complete 180. It was, OK, now we found that a partner that’s going to get us back to a stable operating point, and make us feel like we’re actually winning this battle against this malware that’s spreading like wildfire through our environment."

Jason Rooks, Director of Technology and Innovation
Parkway Schools

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