What is CrowdStrike?
Falcon Platform FAQ

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What does CrowdStrike Falcon do?
What solutions are offered within the CrowdStrike Falcon Platform?
What is Falcon Fusion?
Can I use CrowdStrike Falcon to replace my current AV solution?
Which Products can CrowdStrike Falcon help me replace?
How does CrowdStrike Falcon compare to other “next-generation” endpoint protection solutions? What makes Falcon unique?
Can I use CrowdStrike Falcon for incident response?
Can Falcon Prevent block attacks?
Can CrowdStrike Falcon protect endpoints if they are not connected to the cloud?
Do I need a large staff to maintain my CrowdStrike Falcon environment?
How do I integrate with the Falcon Platform?
Does CrowdStrike Falcon integrate with my SIEM?
How long does it take to get started with CrowdStrike Falcon?
What Windows versions does the Falcon agent support?
What Linux versions does the Falcon agent support?
What AWS Compute Services does CrowdStrike support today?
Is CrowdStrike Falcon cloud-based or on-premises?
Is Falcon SOC2 compliant?
What data is sent to the CrowdStrike Cloud?
Does CrowdStrike offer choices for data residency?
How do you separate and safeguard data sent to your cloud?
What is an IOA?
What detection capabilities does CrowdStrike Falcon have?
Does Falcon provide malware prevention?
Is Falcon’s machine learning feature configurable?
Does Falcon Prevent protect against ransomware?
Can CrowdStrike Falcon detect in-memory attacks?