CrowdStrike Falcon for Mobile Unlocks New Mobile Security Options for SMBs

Falcon for Mobile now offers iOS unmanaged support, allowing organizations to secure Apple mobile devices without the need for mobile device management

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) increasingly rely on mobile technology to drive efficiency and stay competitive. However, the use of mobile devices introduces security risks that SMBs must address. Recognizing this, CrowdStrike Falcon® for Mobile now offers iOS unmanaged support, extending robust security to devices without the cost and complexities of traditional mobile device management (MDM).

Let’s take a closer look.

The Challenge of Mobile Security for SMBs

Balancing operational flexibility and security is crucial for SMBs. Mobile devices enable remote work and on-the-go access to business data, but they also pose significant security risks if not adequately protected. Traditional MDM solutions can manage mobile devices and deploy mobile threat defense (MTD) software; however they often come with high costs, complexity and user privacy concerns that SMB budgets and resources cannot support. For SMBs with a limited number of mobile devices, these tradeoffs can make MDMs unappealing or impractical.

An alternative option to MDMs for SMBs is to deploy MTD software along with a full-device virtual private network (VPN) or a Domain Name System (DNS) resolver solution. A full-device VPN encrypts and secures all internet traffic on a device, regardless of the application or service being used.

Unfortunately, for some SMBs, this setup can create similar challenges to using an MDM. Setting up and managing full-device VPNs, specifically remote full-device VPNs, can require significant IT resources or a dedicated IT team, which is often unavailable to SMBs. Additionally, remote full-device VPNs can impact device performance with speed reduction, increased latency and overall lower processing power. Because of these issues, employees may want to disable the VPN, causing the MTD to be nonfunctional. The requirement of a remote full-device VPN to deploy an MTD can be a non-starter for SMBs, leaving them unprotected from mobile threats.

CrowdStrike Falcon for Mobile with iOS Unmanaged Support

CrowdStrike Falcon for Mobile is designed for organizations of any size. Whether you’re a large enterprise or a small business with a few employees, Falcon for Mobile provides advanced mobile threat defense to keep your organization safe from mobile attacks. This solution extends CrowdStrike’s renowned endpoint protection to mobile devices, offering robust security features without the need to manage every aspect of a user’s device. Additionally, Falcon for Mobile utilizes a Privacy by Design approach, which does not monitor personal applications on the device, including text messaging, email or browsing history — ensuring users know their personal data is secure and their privacy is respected by default.

Expanding its reach to even more customers, Falcon for Mobile now supports iOS unmanaged devices. This capability is significant as it addresses the critical issue of securing iOS devices without enrolling them in an MDM solution or requiring the need for a full-device VPN. This means organizations can extend robust security to devices that cannot be managed through traditional MDM due to policy restrictions, user preference, or the overhead associated with managing an MDM solution.

Key Advantages for SMBs

  • Persistent protection without the hassle: After a simple setup, Falcon for Mobile operates autonomously, ensuring your organizational and personal data remain protected without ongoing user intervention. This feature is crucial for maintaining robust security without disrupting the user experience or productivity.
  • Continuous evaluation for comprehensive security: Falcon for Mobile goes beyond traditional security measures by continuously performing comprehensive posture checks. This process involves evaluating the device’s security status in real time, ensuring any potential vulnerabilities are swiftly identified and mitigated. This proactive stance is key to maintaining a strong defense against evolving mobile threats.
  • Always-on security: The architecture of many mobile security solutions relies on users to frequently interact with the application so it isn’t offloaded by iOS for lack of use. If a security application is offloaded due to lack of use, its protective features are disabled. Falcon for Mobile is engineered to remain active and functional so it isn’t affected by the limitations that typically offload lesser-used apps. This ensures Falcon for Mobile protections are never unavailable, providing continuous, uninterrupted security coverage.

Deployment and Effectiveness

By choosing CrowdStrike Falcon for Mobile, you’re investing in superior mobile protection and a solution that integrates seamlessly into your daily operations without the need for constant attention or adjustment. Our technology is designed to be as unobtrusive as it is effective, giving you peace of mind and freeing you to focus on what matters most — your business.

Implementing Falcon for Mobile is straightforward. Organizations can deploy the solution across their mobile device fleet without the need for complex configurations or extensive user training. The device enrollment is done all from the Falcon app and is as simple as scanning a QR code, downloading the deployment profile and installing the configuration profile (see images below).


Profile Download

Profile Installation

Future-Proofing SMB Security

By providing detailed insight into mobile threats and allowing for immediate response actions, Falcon for Mobile significantly enhances an organization’s security posture. Whether it’s blocking connections to suspicious URLs, domains, hashes, IP addresses, phishing attempts or unusual application behaviors, Falcon ensures threats are swiftly identified and addressed.

For SMBs, CrowdStrike Falcon for Mobile with iOS unmanaged support represents a significant step forward in mobile cybersecurity. It delivers advanced protection tailored to the needs and capacities of SMBs, allowing them to leverage mobile technology securely and competitively. As SMBs continue to integrate mobile devices into their business processes, solutions like Falcon for Mobile are not just beneficial — they are essential for ensuring ongoing operational resilience and security in a mobile-first world.

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